Here’s 5 Great Ideas for a First Date in Africa

Some people have sleepless nights trying to plan a perfect first date. The secret is not to overdo it. First dates are supposed to be casual.

Nobody wants to be overwhelmed by someone they just met, so you need to ease into it with basic everyday things that will make your date comfortable and willing to open up.

Here are a few helpful tips.

Grab a bite together 

Breakfast, lunch or dinner. That’s up to you. Get to know each other over food. Everyone likes food. Or to spice it up, try a new place to excite your taste buds and give you both something to talk about.

Dancing lessons

Sign up for an hour of dancing lessons. It’ll be better if both of you are beginners. A learning experience between two people is a great and efficient way to bond quickly. She or he will find it funny even if you’re a terrible dancer so why not.



Cook a meal together

It’s easy to go out and eat. Challenge yourself, buy ingredients and hijack a complicated recipe from the internet. Even if you both mess it up and have to eat noodles at the end, it’ll be a memory both of you will never forget.


Amusement park/carnival

People are most comfortable when excited. They get to express themselves in their bubbly form. What better way to get excited than an amusement park or a carnival. This way, both of you get to play together and share tons of laughs. Can’t start better than this.



A movie is perfect and is one of the most common date plans. With a movie, you get to have an idea of a person’s interests. What makes them laugh, what makes them cry, and the opinions they have about life.


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