Here’s 10 Things You Shouldn’t Tell Your Friends About Your Relationship

Girls will be girls and girls love to talk…but, ladies, some things are best left unsaid. Even when you’re with your best-friend-ever and you’ve had a few glasses of wine, discretion is best, if you want to avoid embarrassment and potential hurt to your partner later.How to make your relationship last? There are some things that your partner would hate to know you are discussing with other people, so here are ten things that should always be off limits:

1. His income (or lack of it)

Success at work is an important thing for a man, so don’t go spreading the word that he has lost his job or he’s not being paid a huge amount. Finances are a personal thing between the two of you and you will really hurt him, if you make out that he can’t provide for you.

2. His annoying habits at home

His home is his place of safety where he can chill out and relax. If there is something he does at home that really bugs you, then talk to him about it, not to your friends.

3. Your partners past

You are breaking a big trust if you openly repeat personal episodes from his past that he has confided in you. Painful memories and childhood fears are not things that men will often discuss at all, so if he has told you about it, keep these confidential things to yourself.

4. His politics and religious beliefs

You might have heated debates about religion or politics between yourselves, but these topics are pretty hot ones, out there in the outside world. He might have personal or professional reasons why his views should stay private and he will make his views clear to the wider world, if and when he wants to.

5. His fears and phobias


Men are different from women, they don’t like to share their fears. If he shares his fears with you, then they are for your ears only. Even if he’s petrified of heights or spiders, keep it to yourself, he won’t want everyone to know.

6. Your arguments

It can be good to get things off your chest sometimes, but don’t relay every single argument with your partner to your friends. If you do, you are likely to give an unfair negative image of your partner to your friends and, what’s more, they’re going to get bored hearing about it.

7. What he thinks about other people

Everyone has their opinions about other people, both good and bad. If he criticizes someone to you, then he does it in the strictest confidence, so keep it to yourself or before you know it, that criticism could get back to the person he was talking about with some pretty awkward consequences.

8. A secret that you haven’t shared with your partner

Now this is a tricky one, but if you’ve done something that you shouldn’t have, then be careful who you tell about it. It’s bad enough, if you have done something that will hurt your partner, but if everybody knows about it but him, then he is going to be even more devastated when he finds out.

9. Embarrassing medical facts

No need for too much detail here, but some medical conditions and physical attributes are simply not for public consumption.

10. Bedroom antics

Last but definitely not least, what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. Fantasies, failures or fantastic successes, they should all be things that stay between the two of you. That’s why they call them intimate moments.



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