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Here is Why Prince Mohamed Ben Salmane Chose Egypt as Gateway to Africa

For his first visit to the African continent since his appointment as Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Ben Salman chose Egypt.

Arrived on Egyptian soil Sunday, March 5, the Crown Prince was greeted by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. In the eyes of several observers, the presence of the strong man of Ryad in Cairo is not fortuitous. On the contrary, the experts explain that the Saudi kingdom wants to strengthen its ties of cooperation with Africa through Egypt.

In addition to the special ties that exist between the kingdom and the Maghreb country, Mohammed Ben Salmane will discuss “hot issues with his host”, concedes an expert from the sub-region for whom Egypt remains “the gateway to Riyadh on the continent “.


For Mostafa Kamel al-Sayed, Professor of Political Science at Cairo University, Mohammed Ben Salmane’s visit may be interpreted as “proof that Ryad will continue to support Sissi during the next term of office”. The regime had already been generous to Saudi Arabia in April 2016 through a retrocession agreement in the kingdom of Tiran and Sanafir, two uninhabited islands in the Red Sea. Although this decision has been disputed by the population, the High Constitutional Court has recently issued a judgment that ratifies the handover of the two islets in Ryad.

According to reports, the two men will also discuss the war in Yemen, the Syrian conflict. Saudi Arabia also needs the support of Egypt in the blockade that has started with other states around Qatar. After Egypt, the Saudi prince will continue his tour that will take him to Britain and France.

Aged 33, Mohammed Ben Salman is the current son of King Salamne and the grandson of the kingdom’s founder, King Ibn Saud. He who is the heir to the throne is also the Minister of Defense of his country. Mohammed Ben Salmane is also President of the Economic and Development Council of Saudi Arabia.


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