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Here Is Why Akon Preferred To Invest In Nigeria Than Senegal, His ‘Hometown’ Country.

Throughout the 21st century, African music has flourished. African artists have put their hands on the dough in the quest for perfection. Whatever the style from afrobeat, gospel, RnB or others, in French or English, African music is exported.

Nigerian music is a living proof of this ascent. The videos provided by Nigerian artists are snapping like hotcakes on the market. This is exactly what pushed the African-American star of RnB Akon to invest artistically in Nigeria .


Questioned about the fact that he invested more in Nigeria than in his country Senegal, the artist to claim his position high by making a very critical analysis.

“In addition to its hard-to-dance rhythm, there is Wolof which is not a very popular language, whereas in Nigeria the artists sing with the English language, which is an international language where the messages are easy to convey. To establish itself in the music at the international level, it is often necessary to sing using English. That’s why I prefer to invest in Nigeria rather than Senegal, “said the artist according to some sources.

A position that many do not adhere to, as it is up to everyone to sell and value their cultural identity. “The Lingala through the Congo rumba,” for example, quoted a surfer “took a long time but eventually won and even internationally”.

However, for the moment, the Wolof is far from equaling the rumba and English is the most spoken language in the world, it is placed well above the French.

It must be emphasized that the artist Akon is very committed to the African continent through numerous projects, particularly in the field of music and for the cause of the electrification of rural areas . The African-American star is among those who believe in the emergence of the black continent.


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