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Here Is What Stephene Curry’s Wife Said Of Donald Trump Following President’s Critical Remarks.

Contrary to what many would expect, Ayesha Curry isn’t that much upset that Trump dis-invited the Golden State Warriors team to the White House because of the comments made by her hubby, Stephen Curry.

Ayesha, who’s cookbook author and chef, responded to Trump’s decision with an eye-roll emoji, tweet.

“Donate to earthquake relief,” Ayesha wrote, changing her priorities to the 7.1 magnitude earthquake which ripped through Mexico City.

A day before Trump canceled the Golden State Warriors’ statehouse visit, Stephen had said that if the team were to cast votes on whether to visit the White House, he would say, “NO.”

“You look at all the different personalities who have said and done incredible things. Starting from Colin Kaepernick all the way to, Michael Bennett, their contributions have led to change in this country,” Stephen stated. “We’re all attempting to do the best we can using our platforms, and opportunities to shed some light on that. And that’s where I also stand on. Although I  don’t think us touring the White House will miraculously solve everything, I think this’s my opportunity to speak out that.”

Stephen has been outspoken about his feelings for president Trump. Early this year, Stephen backhandedly referred to president Trump as an “ass.” A lot of his teammates, including head coach Steve Kerr and Kevin Durant, are also vocal critics of Trump.


Ayesha was not the only one responding to Trump’s tweet. Athletes and celebrities also clapped back at Trump. Majority of them mocked Trump for taking away a potential invitation just after Stephen had already essentially said, “no.”

“You aren’t breaking up with me. I’m the one breaking up with you!” wrote the Daily Show host, Trevor Noah.

“Stephen had already said he wasn’t going!” wrote LeBron James. “So, Trump please don’t say that there is no invite.”

And of course, ESPN host, Jemele Hill also tweeted support for star Stephen, writing; “welcome to the club brother.” Hill became extremely famous earlier this month after she called Trump a “white supremacist.”

Trump’s remarks that any NFL player who chooses to protest the national anthem in as a way to address police brutality and racism in America is a “son of a b*tch” who should be fired has prompted many criticisms from celebrities.

“Knee so hard that the earth shakes,” wrote Westworld actor Jeffrey Wright.

The most cited response came from Kaepernick’s mother, Teresa. “Guess what? That (Trump’s remarks) makes me a proud bitch!”Teresa tweeted.


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