Here Is What Shape Of Your Lips Tells You About Your Personality

Here is another new trick through which you can know about your personality i.e. by observing the shape of your lips. In fact, you can know about anyone’s behaviour simply by observing their lips shape. Interesting, right? So here the following details regarding every shape. Just check it out-

1) Thin Lips
Those who possess this kind of shape generally don’t appreciate to engage with other people. They are self-dependent and can manage any kind of situation. They are very kind and respect others thoughts and belief. Being a man if you possess such lips that means you prefer your own company and love to be alone at home.

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2) Large Puffy Lips
Those whose lips are large and puffy are the one who is caring in nature. They love animals and can even pet a stray animal. They possess strong will power and are very much helpful by attitude. They always give priority to others as compared to themselves.| How Africa News
3) Ordinary Lips
Ordinary lips are generally common among the people. This type of lips indicates that such people are having a well-balanced life with a great common sense. They possess excellent listening abilities and are fun-loving in nature. They love to talk and interact with their closed ones in a positive manner.

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4) Thin Upper Lip
These people possess great leadership qualities and they can easily convince anyone. They have an analytical and logical capability and can solve any obstacle. But they are hard to maintain any sort of relationship with others.

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5) Small Puffy Lip
These people might seem to be egoistic but they are completely opposite of what they are considered. They are sympathetic and caring and are considered to be the best guide for others.

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6) The Upper Lip is bigger than the Lower Lip
These people are dramatic in nature but are also intelligent and charming by personality. They can attract anyone into their emotional space through their personality. They are big chatter-box as they are very talkative in nature and can be sarcastic at some point in time.

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7) The Lower Lip is larger than the Upper Lip
These kinds of people do not entertain boring or dull work and life. This is the only reason that they don’t want to work in an office. These people are very adventurous and know how to bring colours to a dull life. They love to explore new places and are always excited about it. They can easily convince others with their lifestyle.

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8) Lips with a peaked cupid’s bow
They are an extremely creative person. With respect to career, these people don’t move with the flow and select various other paths such as musicians, artists, fashion designing etc. They can easily memorize anything and are great in recognising faces. They love to interact with people and are generally very talkative. These people are socially very active and are successful in their endeavours.

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9) Lips with a rounded cupid’s bow
Those who possess such kind of lip are very sensitive, compassionate and kind-hearted. Due to their helpful nature, they love to help others, especially in their bad times. They have a strong will-power and can manage their own things in a systematic manner.

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10) Lips with an undefined cupid’s bow
These kind of people are dependent and stubborn in nature. They do not freak out easily due to heavy workload or some other problem. They are very punctual and dedicated towards their work.

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