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Here Is What A Dollar Can Buy In Different Countries; Senegal, Nigeria, France, etc…


Lonely Planet, a travel site, recently posted a question on its Facebook page. They ask people  what the equivalent of US $ 1 could buy in their areas.  And the answers he received were interesting. Some people have appreciated the versatility of their currency, while others have complained of high tax deductions.

Keep reading to find out what a dollar can buy in eleven different countries. Lynn from Vietnam explained that a dollar can get you three pairs of cheap sandals, a hat, five packets of noodles or a meal in cheap food courts, or a DVD (22699.00 Vietnamese Dong).

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According to Robert of Italy,  you can buy a liter of cheap wine with a US dollar . Then you can also get a tablet of ibuprofen for a hangover (0.82 Euros). Niraj from Nepal says you can get ten momos, which is a kind of steamed debut that has vegetables, meat and khoa or cheese inside. To make it even better, you will still have some money to buy 250 ml of coca (101.56 Nepalese Rupee).

According to Michael from Paris, a US dollar can offer you …  half of a Starbucks espresso  (0.82 euros).

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For Sheila from Thailand, you can get a good street meal for less than 1 dollar. E lle said she buys a vegetarian meal cooked to order for that price, shipping included.  Kin from Australia claims that you can buy a “scratch” lottery ticket for $ 1 ($ 1.25). In India, Tarun says that a dollar can get you a thali, a mixed Indian platter that can be made with different foods. He also recommends sambhar, rasam and curd.

Priyanka, also Indian, says you can get a meal of vegetables, chutney, gherkins, dal and boiled rice (63.52 Indian Rupee).

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Alex from the UK says a dollar can get you a small portion of McDonald’s fries (£ 0.72 UK). Dilyan from Austria says that $ 1 would buy you a bun. He also suggests taking the roll of the Museum of Applied Art because it is free during Saturdays (0.82 Euros). Emily from Canada says it will buy you a mini donut ($ 1.27 Canadian). In Egypt, Aly suggests buying a koshary plate. It is an Egyptian dish that includes lentils, rice, onions and pasta, covered with tomato sauce (17.73 Egyptian pounds).

 In Senegal and most African countries, with a dollar, you can have a good lunch or dinner in a restaurant .
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