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Here is the Reason Why Tottenham Hotspur Boss Jose Mourinho Retired from Football at the Age of 24

The Tottenham boss would not tolerate a player only making the same efforts as he did in his younger years.

Jose Mourinho admits he was a lazy and annoying player, the type of player he would get rid of immediately on a free transfer now that he is a successful manager.

The Portuguese, an indistinct midfielder at the time he played, was asked about comments by Baltemar Brito, his teammate at Rio Ave between 1980 and 1982.

Brito, who was also part of Mourinho’s coaching teams at Uniao de Leiria, Porto and Chelsea, hinted in an interview that his co-worker was annoying, that he was moaning a lot and that he was lazy at time.

Here is the reason why Mourinho retired from football at the age of 24

But rather than contesting this assessment, the Portuguese, who had much more success as a coach, completely agreed when Brito’s statements were revealed to him at the Spurs press conference before d ” face Burnley on Saturday.

“Me, as a player? Correct, absolutely correct, “ he said of Brito’s comments.

Asked what Mourinho the manager would do with Mourinho the player, the 57-year-old coach gave an honest answer.

He replied, “I won’t play it. I won’t play it at all. It’s obvious. I would have offered [to the other clubs] to take it! Take it for free! “


Brito had explained that Mourinho, contrary to popular belief, was not lacking in talent.

But he felt that Mourinho’s state of mind was dragging him down, telling Bleacher Report: “He had great abilities, but what may have kept him from shining was that he already had a tidy life at the time – his mother was a teacher, his father a coach.

“We felt like football was like a hobby for him.

“Although he liked to play it, he was a little lazy, he was not working as hard as he should have done physically. He did what he had to do and that’s it. He made no extra effort.

“He wanted an easy life, to have the ball at his feet; he was not ready to go to war for that. Maybe that’s what kept him from being a better footballer.

“I don’t think he came to Vila do Conde to play, but rather to spend time in a club in the Portuguese league, have this experience and also kill time while his university projects were on hold.

“He was not there to fight for a place on the team – he did not have that ambition.

“Mourinho has scored a lot of goals for the reserves. He was still asking for the ball. When the ball was not passed to him, he groaned a lot – he was a little annoying on the pitch. “


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