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Here Is Lionel Messi’s ‘Identical Twin’ From Iran Whom Fans Are Going Crazy For!! (+Photos)  

Football fans across the globe are going crazy for Lionel Messi ‘s Iranian doppelgänger, with people mobbing the lookalike on the streets of Tehran.

Reza Parastesh has been dubbed ‘identical’ to Barcelona FC’s forward and has found himself being stopped on the street for photos, as well as being asked for photographs.

Both adults and children have been approaching Reza, giving him a taste of what it’s like to be a famous footballer . Reza, who has been known by the nickname ‘Messi’ since he was a child has been seen roaming the streets in the Barcelona player’s football shirt and sporting an ‘identical’ beard.

A Twitter fan led account ‘Leo Messi’ posted a photo of the Iranian saying: “Messi’s Iranian lookalike. Incredible similarities.”
The lookalike revealed he hasn’t had any surgery to look like the Argentina player, but admitted he does trim his beard in the same way on purpose. And he says he’s really glad to look like such an “important, cool and popular guy”.

Reza added that he hopes to meet his hero one day.


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