Here Is King Leopold II, The Belgium’s Warlord Responsible For The Deaths Of Over 10 Million Africans

When you execute between five to six million Jews, more than three million Soviet detainees of war, more than two million Soviet regular citizens, a million Polish and Yugoslav regular citizens separately, around 70,000 men, ladies and youngsters with mental and physical impairments and more than 200,000 tramps, you are Hitler.

Your name is deified in arrangements of the vilest men in history and whatever image related with your life is criminalized all out

At the point when The Guardian’s Stephen Bates addressed then Belgian Prime Minister, Jean-Luc Dehaene in 1999 about the Belgian inheritance in Congo, he stated, “The pilgrim past is totally past. There is truly no compelling enthusiastic connection any more. It doesn’t move the general population. It’s a piece of the past. It’s history.”


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