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Here is How Trevor Noah Reacted to Roger Stone’s Arrest: ‘Welcome to the World of Black People’

The reaction of Trump supporters to the arrest of Roger Stone was “really interesting” to Trevor Noah, host of “The Daily Show.”

Sean Hannity of Fox News said Stone was arrested “before sunrise by heavily armed FBI agents dressed in full tactical gear.” Mike Huckabee said the FBI’s approach “was well beyond necessary to go breaking into a man’s home who is 66 years old.” And Stone claimed that the FBI used “Gestapo tactics” when agents “stormed my house with a greater force than was used to take down bin Laden.” 

Noah disputed that point, reminding viewers that Osama bin Laden was “at the bottom of the ocean right now.”

The complaints Stone and others made about law enforcement were no different than what black people have long been saying, Noah observed.

“How many years have black people been saying police in America are extreme?” Noah asked. “The way they arrest people, the way they interact with citizens whey they’re taking them away, black people have been saying for a long time.”


But when black people say it, they’re told: “Well, that’s the law, you know. You shouldn’t have gotten on the wrong side of the law.”

Noah conceded that Stone was probably treated too harshly. But, he said, the FBI was likely “just following orders” from President Donald Trump:


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