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Here Is How To Enlarge Shoes Too Small. [Great Tip]

You could not resist the last pair of shoes that made you look even if this one was a narrow chouia for your little tits. Is not Cinderella who wants! You do not have a shoe-builder at hand or the desire to have your feet tucked into your shoes too tight and you have no intention of sacrificing your shoes. You have found some simple but effective tips to enlarge your shoes and without torturing the toes.

Freezing as a trick to expand your shoes

This is the infallible grandmother’s trick to expand too narrow shoes. It works equally well on leather and fabric shoes.

To do this, you will only need two waterproof freezer bags and water. Pour the equivalent of a quart of water into the bag, zip it so that the water does not leak and place it into your shoes by pushing it into the tip. Place your shoes in a bag and put them in a freezer for a few hours to overnight. Water will solidify and expand your shoes. Immediately out of the freezer, just leave the time for the bags to melt and then wear your shoes as long as possible, after putting on large socks. The leather of your shoes should soften and your shoes will take the form of your feet. Repeat the process several times until the desired result is achieved.

 Now place warm!

Do you find it a bit crazy to put your shoes in your freezer? You want to avoid your mother’s sermons? Hot can do the trick. Wet the leather, put on thick socks of ski, then your shoes and wear them a few hours making sure to stir the toes well so that the leather expands. You can speed up the process by using a hair dryer that you will have set on warm setting before heating your shoe.

The newspaper wet

That’s grandma’s thing. Dampen newspaper with water and stuff your shoes into place for the entire night. The next morning, you will have gained a few millimeters of comfort and will be able to put on your shoes without any worry. If, on the other hand, they are a little tight, try the trick again and in the morning wear your shoes wet with big socks and keep them until they dry completely and the turn is played!


Other ways to soften your shoes

Apply to the sides of the shoe, a cloth impregnated with rubbing alcohol, glycerine or castor oil, then put your feet in thick socks before wearing your shoes or force them with a stretcher Adjustable in both length and width. Repeat until the shoes no longer squeeze.

Just as you can place your shoes that you have previously sprayed from a dilator, for several days in these spreaders called shoe trees. After they have undergone these treatments, do not forget to treat your shoes with waterproofing products.

How to choose the right pair of shoes?

Between coquetry and dress complementarity, finding shoes at his feet is not easy. In case of bad choice, you will pay the expenses: foot pain , back pain , knee pain, fungal infections, calluses, edema, and other bobos …

  • The high heels are decried for their raised heel and their ultra-fine sole that causes a lot of podological ailments (corns, hammer toes or claws). Overloading the forefoot causes calluses and bone pain. A heel too high alters the muscle tone of the calf and causes by repercussion of the lumbar pains.
  • Avoid tapered shoes that compress the toes and promote the appearance of bone protrusions, corns, calluses and ingrown toenails.
  • Care must be taken to find the right size, taking into account both the length and the width of the foot, at the risk of causing the feet to be subjected to chronic friction to the point of using the soles of the feet, suffering from calluses, Edema.
  • To avoid unpleasant surprises, shop, ideally in the evening, when your feet are already swollen. You should be able to put on your shoes easily. If you are prone to water retention, avoid shoes or strappy sandals. As for the choice of your athletic shoes, take, a size above, because physical exercise causes the feet to swell .
  • Opt for shoes that keep the ankle well, ideally leather of good thickness.
  • The shoes are like the toothbrush, it’s personal and it does not exchange, unless you want someone to refill your fungus and mushrooms.

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