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Here is How Benjamin Mendy Laughed at Dembele’s Delays

Ousmane Dembélé’s repeated delays have not only angered Barça’s leaders, but have also provoked some mockery from his team-mates in France. This is the case of Benjamin Mendy who recently made the buzz on twitter by making fun of his teammate.

A few days ago, on Twitter, Benjamin Mendy took the trouble to answer Dembélé’s place to a user who asked for a signed shirt. The City player has released a montage of “Dembouz” sleeping quietly with an alarm clock displaying 11h. To make him understand that he should not be bothered too soon …

 ”  Go to sleep ,” Benjamin Mendy told a net surfer asking if he was awake.


After having enjoined him to go to bed, Mendy relayed the photo montage of a surfer, showing Ousmane Dembelé sleeping at a late hour of the morning. The image, shared nearly 10,000 times, gave a smile to the former Rennais, who did not fail to respond to his partner. It is clear that five months after their coronation at the World Cup the good atmosphere still prevails between the players of the France team as we observe between Mendy and Dembélé.



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