8 Countries in West Africa Where Tourists Say They’ve Discovered the Most Beautiful Women


Apart from the terrorist attacks, political crises, and youth unemployment that West Africa has been experiencing in recent years, it must be acknowledged that God has offered great gifts to West African countries. As witnessed by several tourists met by our editorial staff. The latter, claim to have discovered another face of Africa through the beauty of Women. Through their comments, Afrikmag has drawn up a list of countries in West Africa where these tourists claim to have seen the most beautiful women.

  • The Mali

The Malians are at the top of the list of the most beautiful women of West Africa. In particular the Fulani. Their natural complexion, their nose size, their small mouth are all that makes the difference.

  • Guinea

In second place, we find the Guineans. Again with the Fulani. The natural complexion remains their major asset.

  • Ghana

The Ghanaian women are distinguished with their beautiful eyes and their black complexion cocoa, Ghanaians attract many Westerners.

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  • The Ivory Coast

It is in fourth place that the Ivorians position. Their major asset is their fine size.

  • The Senegal

Senegalese women come in fifth place. Their greatest asset is their elegance. To this are added their black complexion. In terms of seduction, they are no longer to present.

  • Nigeria

In Nigeria, The most beautiful women are 20 and 25 years old. It is the country of West Africa where more beauty contests are organized. This does not prevent Nigerian women from placing themselves in fifth place in the classification of the most beautiful women of West Africa.

  • Sierra Leone

To the surprise of all, Sierra Leone ranks sixth in the ranking of the most beautiful women in West Africa. Their beautiful black complexion, their beautiful size allowed them to rise to this place of the classification.

  • The Burkina Faso

The women of Burkina Faso close the march with their strong shapes, an asset that does not leave men insensitive.

In conclusion, this is according to tourists visiting the western part of the continent. So, dear readers, do you agree with the opinion of these tourists?


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