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Here Are The Top 5 Tech-Savvy Cities In Africa

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at a tech hub in Lagos, Nigeria. Ventures Africa

Technology has, without a doubt, become a significant catalyst for economic growth around the world and Africa, in particular. With the growing middle class, urbanization, and investment in information technology infrastructure, global digital investors are eyeing the continent as their next big investment destination.

A good example is the recent visit to Africa by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, when he visited key digital innovation centers in Nigeria and Kenya and held talks with upcoming innovators. Many African cities are investing in fully equipped tech hubs, where young visionaries can harness their technological skills and learn entrepreneurial skills.

Here is Africa‘s list of the top 5 tech-savvy cities in Africa.

Johannesburg, South Africa


Children learning how to code at a tech Hub in Johannesburg, South Africa. Photo credit: Afkinsider

Over the last two years, South African authorities have been striving to turn Johannesburg into the next big tech hub in Africa — and the world at large. One of the most notable projects is the ongoing construction of a digital innovation zone by theUniversity of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. With this project, which is locally known as theTshimologong Precinct, the university hopes to provide young digital innovators with the necessary space and tools to develop the needed skills.

Lagos, Nigeria


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at a tech hub in Lagos, Nigeria. Photo credit: Ventures Africa

One of the largest digital innovations in Lagos is Co-Creations, a tech hub holding the so-called tech-in series. In this hub, Nigeria’s top software developers, designers, social entrepreneurs, hackers, and other digital innovators meet to develop new web-based solutions to different social-economic challenges. This — as well as other digital projects around the city — have generated a thriving startup ecosystem for young entrepreneurs.

Kigali, Rwanda


Young Rwandan innovators. Photo credit: New Times

Kigali is home to several tech hubs, where digital innovators and entrepreneurs converge to learn and refine their tech skills. Through these centers, Kigali’s social enterprise community connects to a global network of like-minded innovators for purposes of conceptualizing the next big technology-enabled solutions.

Cairo, Egypt


Young tech entrepreneurs in Cairo. Photo credit: Al Jazeera

With a population of 7.8 million people, Cairo is currently experiencing a strong and steady growth in mobile and web-based enterprises, particularly by young digital innovators who are hungry for success. Currently, Internet penetration in Egypt stands at 40 percent, with the country’s e-commerce potential expected to hit the $446.4 million mark by the end of this year. A helpful ecosystem of innovations, cooperation, networks, and co-working spaces is emerging in Cairo to help young innovators navigate the system, fueling a new culture of entrepreneurship.


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