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Here are the Top 5 of the best Paid Comedians in the World at the Moment

Kevin Hart was named the second highest paid comedian in the world in 2018, with half a million dollars of difference behind Jerry Seinfeld.

The 39-year-old comedian is on the 2018 list of the world’s highest-paid actors by Forbes magazine, with a total profit of $ 57 million. Kevin Hart was only $ 500,000 less than Jerry Seinfeld.Here are the Top 5 of the best paid comedians in the world

The current king of comedy Jerry Seinfeld, has dominated the list since his debut in 2006. He lost only once against Hart in 2016.

Recently, Hart resigned from his position as an Oscar presenter after homophobic tweets he had published a few years ago resurfaced, and said he did not want to be a “distraction”.


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