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Here Are The Top 5 Most Influential DJs In Ivory Coast

Unlike most of the Ivorian musical rhythms that were born in Côte d’Ivoire before being exported, the cut-off was born in France before arriving in Ivory Coast. Since its advent in Cote d’Ivoire, the number of Disc Jockers (DJ) has multiplied to the delight of music lovers. Apart from their creativity that makes them famous, some of them, have managed to stand out from others. Let’s discover together the five most influential DJs …

1- ARAFAT DJ said “Influenmento”

Despite the arrogance that characterizes him, “Influenmento” is considered the number 1 of the cut-off makers with a dozen albums, forty singles and featurings with big heads of the African music industry. His impressive talent makes him travel throughout Africa and even the world, and has won awards including the MTV Music Awards, IvoirmixDj Gold Disc, Best African Artist Ceremony Equatorial Guinea; Laureat best artist Male cut off decalé 2016; César of the Ivorian Music …

Obviously, this success ensures him a fortune that the son of Tina Glamor does not hide. Recently, he posted a video to show that he is not sleeping in Sicobois even less begging for food. Even if Houon Ange-Didier or the leader of Yôrobogang has made it known that he is not a billionaire, everything proves that he is a millionaire.

2 – Serge BEYNAUD

The second place of the classification is occupied by Guy Serges Beynaud. The one who is no longer to present on the scene of Ivorian music, began as arranger. Over time, Serges Beynaud has managed to impose himself in the middle of the Ivory Coast show-biz through tubes that attest his immense talent. A talent rewarded by several distinctions including the MTV Africa Music Awards in the category of the best artist of French-speaking Africa; AFRIMMA Awards Best Dance in a Video (Okeninkpin) etc.

To his credit, the designer of Kababléké, has three albums and sixteen singles that make him a heavyweight of the music of the cut-off. The result of several tours around the world.




Kedjevara DJ is currently one of the most popular artists of the cut-off. He is solicited at all times for shows throughout the subregion and the western countries. The son of Antoinette Allany, has not yet revealed all his possessions, but we know that he owns ” April 18 ”, a production house. Managing his career with a certain constancy, Yao Perfect to the civil status, makes tubes and also makes arrangements.

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4- Debordo LEEKUNFA

Considered previously as DJ Arafat’s greatest rival, Debordo Leekunfa is one of the best singers of the cut-off. Called to the Civil Registry, Patrick Sery Tanguy … he forged a place by also chaining the successful hits that are worth of shows and tours in the subregion. Debordo is the author of 14 singles and has worked in collaboration with many local and international artists. At the last Awards of the coupé-décalé, he did not remain on the sidelines of the many awards that were distributed. He was awarded the Best Concept of the Year award.


Emile Sofonnou, DJ Mix, joined in 2007 with another Disc Jockey named Elloh to release “Bobaraba”, a concept that will not go unnoticed in Côte d’Ivoire and several countries of the world. the subregion. Not having slept on its laurels, DJ Mix will continue the adventure by calling later to  Mix first its current name. He also plays the singles, including a score and three albums. Known for his melodious vocal timbre, he will be rewarded for the award of the cut-and-miss with the best voice award.


* Coupé-décalé : is a musical genre originating from the Ivory Coast appeared in the 2000s. Born of the expression “cut-off-worked”, it is part of the more global cultural movement that is  Sagacity .


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