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Here Are The Top 5 Destinations To Discover In Africa In 2016!!

Africa is full of scenery just as drugs that paradise. The five destinations to discover, away from the tourist crowded and safaris in the heart of fabulous surprises.


1. Botswana

Botswana is one of the most fascinating countries in Africa. Between green and dark blue water, land mix and shape under the feet of animals that pass through it. Elephants are not the only ones upset this red dust even if they form the largest community of this species in the world. The huge old trees and water through the furrows. An adventure for anyone who enters the heart of this magnificent area between the cascades Okavango Delta and salt marshes of the Kalahari desert.

2. Namibia

Its fauna and flora are a real show everyday. With a freshness due to its Atlantic south coast, Namibia is marked by the influence of South Africa which it has long been a province. His famous desert attracts fans of lunar landscapes each year when its arid plains are beaten by hikers. A unique experience in the heart of a peaceful wilderness at a time.

3. Cape Town – South Africa

If South Africa is eminently known for its safaris, it deserves special view from a different angle.Side of Cape Town, its culminating point in the south, the beauty is colder. The sea is perennial, white sharks also … mountains covered with thick greenery surround the small town that oscillates between modern buildings and old typical city. The water lovers but also the partygoers will find them.

4. Mozambique

Safari, beach, modern and welcoming people, Mozambique is one of the most prominent African country. Enjoying a rare situation, it alternates between turquoise waters, pristine beaches, and savannah burning forests. It is thus getting wet, sunbathe but also meet the most beautiful animals on the continent. The architecture is also remarkable. In hot influences, cities like Maputo and offer typical gastronomy festival.

5. Malawi

Malawi is certainly the country with the most beautiful waters of our selection. With a dense and diverse marine ecosystem, it is a wonderful playground and discovery for diving enthusiasts. The country contains a special treasure: its lake. The first freshwater aquarium in the world. One thing must see after looking at the hippos at sunset. Green and bright mountains are also ideal for lovers of hiking.

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