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Here are the Top 10 of the World’s Fastest Players Today

Over the years, football has evolved to the point where the physical work of players becomes the main element that helps to maintain the rank of the best. Speed ​​and speed in the game are among the main points on which coaches place special emphasis.

Having found that current players are faster and faster, the Pachuca Group, one of the most important companies in Mexico, conducted during 2017, a study of the 10 players that can be cited as the most fast to the world.

Starting from an exhaustive analysis and taking into account thousands of professional players, we have come up with a list of the 10 fastest players in the world. However, the fastest footballer is far from the performance of a great athletics champion like Usain Bolt. The Jamaican managed to reach 44 km / h.

For the current year, a new player appeared and dislodged Wayne Rooney in sixth place. This is Leonardo Godoy , Talleres side defender.


Here is the new list of the fastest players in the world:

Gareth Bale . Striker of Real Madrid . 36.9 km / h.

Orlando Berrío . Striker of Flamengo . 36 km / h.

Jürgen Damm . Attacker of the Tigers . 35.23 km / h.
Antonio Valencia . Manchester United defender . 35.1 km / h.

Pierre Aubameyang . Attacker of Arsenal . 34.6 km / h.

Leonardo Godoy . Defender of Talleres . 34 km / h.

Aaron Lennon . Burnley midfielder . 33.8 km / h.

Cristiano Ronaldo . Striker of Real Madrid . 33.6 km / h.

Theo Walcott . Attacker of Everton . 32.7 km / h.

Lionel Messi . Barcelona striker . 32.5 km / h.


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