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Here Are The Top 10 African Delicious Dishes To Know And Probably Have A Taste Of.

African cuisine is incredibly rich. Just dig into the cookbooks. From North Africa, south through the center, east and west, so here are Top 10 terribly good dishes that you must taste absolutely before the year 2017 closes!

1-Dorot wat (Ethiopia)

It is an Ethiopian specialty. The doro wat, is a kind of stew made from chicken in a well spiced sauce. The dish can be eaten alone, but is often accompanied by other ingredients such as boiled eggs and vegetables. In Ethiopia, this sauce is consumed with injera , a cake made from teff flour (cereal). But you can also taste it with rice as in the picture.

2-The Djenkoumé (Togo)

Here is a delicious and easy to eat Togolese meal. It is made from chicken, wheat semolina, tomatoes and spices. If you have never tasted this dish you can not understand what we are talking about here.

Note that this country has very good dish like Foufou, Ayimolou, Kom etc …

3-Moroccan couscous (Morocco)


Let’s go to the discovery of Moroccan royal couscous. As the name suggests, it is a dish much appreciated by royalty. It is at first elegant this dish. It is composed of durum wheat semolina, chicken legs, lamb collars, tomato and many spices.

4-The Chakalaka (South Africa)

Chakalaka is a traditional South African dish that can be compared to ratatouille. It is composed of several types of vegetables such as white beans, peppers in large quantities. The special feature of this dish is that it is very very spicy.

5-The Thiéboudi eun e (Senegal)


It is generally called Senegalese rice or fatty rice. Thieb is the best-known Senegalese dish internationally. Simple to make, it is made with rice, vegetables, fish, meat or chicken. You can find it in several restaurants specializing in African cuisine.

6-Attiéké fish (Ivory Coast)

Attiéké is one of the traditional dishes of Côte d’Ivoire. It is made from dried and dried cassava known as tapioca in Cameroon and gari in the English-speaking zone. It has the appearance of couscous, but with a much more acidic taste. The dish is accompanied by meat or fish with vegetables and a sauce. Generally, it is served with side cube and fried plantains. Hum!

The Foutou (Ghana)

Foutou is a traditional Ghanaian dish. It is made from cassava, plantain, yam all crushed in a mortar. He is an excellent companion to African sauces such as mafé (grilled peanut sauce).

8-Jollof rice (Nigeria)

The jolof rice is a dish cooked in several African countries but it is very popular in Nigeria. Jollof rice is a composition of five basic ingredients: rice, onions, peppers, peeled peeled tomatoes and tomato paste. Everyone can do this meal at home so he is at hand.

9-The Ndolè (Cameroon)

It is a dish of Cameroonian origin. He is internationally known. It is made from vegetables whose leaves are eaten green. The accompaniment of this dish depends on its consumer. If for the people of the Littoral his favorite complement is the miondo (thin baguette made with cassava), others accompany him with rice, french fries or plantain wall steam.

10-Efo-riro (Congo)

Efo-riro in Yoruba (Nigerian-Congolese language) simply means “vegetable soup”. It’s a mix of spinach, beef tripe, goat meat and many other ingredients. Efo-riro is a dish that many Africans appreciate because it is very versatile. It can also be eaten with rice, yams or any other staple food. So it’s up to you to make the choice.


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  1. Awesome dishes. Very tasteful. I grew up in Cameroon witnessing old women specialized in street food.
    I gained interest in that and today am an expert in preparing different kinds of African cuisine.
    My specialties is Goat meat yam pepper soup, Fried fish and Tilapia fish, Fried rice, Moi moi, Semule and Egusi soup, Ndole and yam, Pounded yam and Vegetable soup, Puff puff and beans, Yam and native beans,….
    I encourage Africans to eat and promote their food wherever they are. Check out my videos on my Facebook page, Chris Brown Bimba and see me doing my African Cuisine things.

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