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Here Are The Natural Remedies Against Wasp Stings – Expert

Have you ever been stung by a wasp? Those who have already been know what it is. Wasp stings are horribly painful and easily cause infections.

If you have been stung by a wasp and have not taken any precautions, the affected part swells and becomes infected. This beast contains a venom that once transmitted to humans, becomes dangerous.

For information the venom of a wasp varies by race. Here is a list of natural remedies to end the pain caused by wasp stings

1-Ice cubes

Medically speaking, the cold shrinks the blood vessels. If you have been bitten by this insect, put ice on it to prevent the spread of venom. The pain will be soothed and the irritation reduced.

2-The basil

The tingling may last up to a week after the sting. To relieve this sensation, apply basil to the affected area.

3-The vinegar

Wasp venom is acidic and vinegar mixed with baking powder helps to neutralize it. With a cotton dipped in a solution of water, vinegar and yeast, apply on the infected part for a quick relief.

The 4-onion

It is the most widely spread remedy. The onion has so many virtues, here is one. Rub a slice of onion on the sting. Anti-inflammatory effects reduce the risk of allergy. In the absence of onions, garlic will do the trick.

5-The honey

If you are allergic to all of the above, use honey. Honey soothes pains and irritations caused by a sting. NB: The effect does not last long …

6-A hot tea bag

The venom of a bee can cause fever if the substance is not stopped quickly. If you have hot tea bags, put them on the sting while being careful not to burn yourself.

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