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Here are the Most Reliable and Cheapest Car Brand for Repair

What is the best car brand in the world? CarMD, an American automotive company, has released its 2018 ranking of the most reliable and least expensive cars on the market. Japanese brands outclass their competitors.


It is clear from this ranking that Toyota vehicles are the best in terms of mechanical health and have the lowest repair cost. And this is not the first time that the Japanese brand occupies this position. For 11 years since this ranking is established, Toyota remains the brand that has been most often in first place.

In second place, always another Japanese, Acura, which is the high-end brand of Honda. The Korean manufacturer Hyundai, comes in third position.

It is necessary to go to the fifth place to see appear in this classification, an American or European mark.

Buick, a subsidiary of General Motors, is fifth, just after another Japanese, Subaru, and ahead of Mercedes. Lexus and Nissan respectively come after the German mark.

This ranking is the most reliable because CarMD claims to take into account engine failures and repair costs.

CarMD tested more than 5.6 million vehicles from factories between 1996 and 2018.


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