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Here Are The Most Attractive African Countries In 2017 – According to Africa Attractiveness Index!!

South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria and Kenya,

Morocco is the most attractive economy for investors on the continent, according to the 2017 edition of the index of attractiveness of Africa published by audit firm Ernst & Young in early May, according to Ecofin.

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Introduced in 2016, the AAI (Africa Attractiveness Index) measures the relative attractiveness of investments in 46 African economies on the basis of a balanced set of short-term and long-term targeted criteria. Entitled “Connectivity redefined”, this latest edition assesses progress in the areas of governance, diversification, infrastructure, business opportunities and human development, and the likely resilience of economies in the context of current macroeconomic pressures.

Thus, economic dynamism and the position of an emerging country, close to Europe, have made the Sherifian kingdom a privileged destination for investors seeking investment and business opportunities.

Morocco (+1) blows the first place to the largest African economy in 2016, South Africa,the rainbow nation now shares the second step of the podium with Kenya (+2). Also worthy of note are the good places of Côte d’Ivoire (7th, +2), Mauritius (8th, -3) or Senegal (9, +2).

The countries that have lost the most seats are Egypt (8 places lost), Benin and Ethiopia (6 places) and Tunisia (5 places).

The study reveals that over the past year, the major economies in Africa have attracted more foreign investors. Collectively, these markets, namely South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria and Kenya, attracted more than 58% of FDI projects in 2016.

2-Kenya (+2), 2-South Africa (-1), 4-Ghana (+2), 5-Tanzania (+7), 6-Uganda 8-Mauritius (-3), 9-Senegal (+2), 10-Botswana (-3), 11-Egypt (-8), 12-Rwanda (-3) 14-Namibia (+1), 15-Algeria (+1), 16-Zambia (+1), 17-Nigeria (-2), 18-Cape Verde , 21-Burkina Faso (+0), 22-Mozambique (-2), 23-Madagascar (+1), 24-Mali (+4)  25-Benin (-6).

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