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Here are the Least and Most Corrupt Countries According to Transparency International- (See New Ranking)

Several African countries are visibly making great efforts to rise to the rank of the least corrupt nations in the world. This is what should be retained from the corruption perception index (CPI) in 2019 made public by Transparency International.

In total, three African countries have excelled in the fight against corruption. Of the 180 countries classified by the organization, they are among the 50 least corrupt in the world.

 First, the Seychelles islands occupy the 27 th  place. This African country is therefore the least corrupt on the continent and is even ahead of countries like Spain and Portugal. The archipelago is followed by Botswana and Cape Verde, which occupy the 34 th  and 41 st respectively.  place respectively on the list.


Several other African countries are considered models of the fight against corruption by Transparency International. Rwanda and Namibia will follow on this list and are at the 51 th  spot.

Mauritius meanwhile, is at the 56 th  spot. In northern Africa, some countries have lost the place they originally occupied. Algeria and Egypt are 106  th  on the list. Morocco, meanwhile, has fallen by seven points and is now 80 th . Tunisia is the first in the region and is housed in the 74 th  ranked .

There is also the rank of the countries which are considered as very corrupt in the lot. In West Africa, Nigeria is one of the masters according to Transparency International and occupies the 146 th  place. Chad 162nd, Burundi 165th, Congo 165th, DRC 168th…

The NGO recommends that African countries intensify their efforts to protect human rights by promoting freedom of expression and the right of journalists to exercise their profession.


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