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Here are the Important Things to Absolutely Know About Palm Oil and Its Health Benefits

Palm oil is extracted from the fruit of a palm tree of African origin: the oil palm. It is simply obtained by squeezing the pulp which is composed of 50% oil.

Formerly used to achieve several gastronomic achievements, palm oil is found in all markets today.

If some people are still unaware of it, here are some of the dangers of using palm oil.

Palm oil destroys the environment

Oil palm plantations are spread over several hectares in African countries. They represent a real danger to the environment because of the greenhouse gas released by its trees.


Palm oil is bad for your health

In addition to increasing blood sugar, a study has shown that palm oil is often contaminated with carcinogenic pollutants.

Palm oil is the basic element in manufacturing

Palm oil has become one of the most important raw materials in the world. It contains a large amount of vegetable fats so it is used in food, cosmetics and even to make fuel.

Bad for animals

Palm oil plantations are growing everywhere and today account for almost 50% danger for animals. In the forests of Indonesia or Amazon, many animals die each year because of the toxin produced by oil palms.


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