Here Are The Countries And Leaders That Trump Has Insulted Since His Election

His “shitty country” was not a first attempt. Far from there. UNITED STATES – An outcry from around the world. In the night of January 11 to 12, Donald Trump has stirred up turmoil around the world, the fault of extremely harsh remarks against immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and Africa.

“Why do we want people from all those crappy countries? We should have more people from places like Norway, “said the President of the United States, during a meeting attended by Republican and Democratic elected officials and supposed to lead to a consensual bill on immigration.

Journalists, nationals of the targeted countries, political personalities … the reactions were not long in coming, and the messages of consternation flood from the social networks and the titles of press. And yet, this is not the first time that the American president offers this kind of release. Our colleagues in the American HuffPost have compiled the insults and insults of Donald Trump towards countries and international leaders since his election on November 8, 2016.

In the early days following his installation at the White House on January 20, 2017, Donald Trump made one of his first phone calls in the shoes of the most powerful man in the world. His interlocutor? Malcolm Turnbull, the Australian Prime Minister.

On the agenda, an agreement between Australia and the United States of Barack Obama, which provided that Americans welcome a number of refugees from territories near the vast island of the Pacific. Terms that the billionaire did not intend to respect. “This deal will give me a horrible picture … I think it’s a terrible deal, a disgusting deal that should never have been concluded,” said the US president.

And hang up dryly after a last pithy phrase: “I’ve heard enough. I had this kind of call all day and it’s the most unpleasant I could have today. ”

Since taking office, Donald Trump has not stopped attacking the world’s second power, not without interspersing his recurrent spikes a few caresses, history nonetheless not to offend a major economic player . In the North Korean case, for example, he has repeatedly said that China is not doing enough, it is allowing the situation to escalate.

“China has pocketed considerable amounts of wealth and significant sums from the United States in the context of trade that promotes it. But it will not help us with North Korea. Nice, “he tweeted, for example, even before assuming the president’s costume, a few weeks after his election. And to repeat in March that “China did not do much to help” on this subject, then in July that he was “very disappointed with the action of China”, which does “NOTHING” other than “talking” about North Korea. Atmosphere.

After the attacks in Paris and Nice, Donald Trump had suggested half-word that France had changed a lot anyway, that she was only a shadow of herself and that she would do well to take lessons on migration policy from its European neighbors.

“Look what happened in France: I have a friend, who is someone very, very important. He loves the city of lights, he loves Paris. I had not seen him for a long time and I asked him ‘Jim, how’s Paris?’ Said the US president last February. “And he said, ‘Paris? I did not. Paris is no longer Paris. ‘ ”

Words that had annoyed Francois Hollande, then still president of the country, who had not lost the call to calm his counterpart on the other side of the Atlantic. “Terrorism exists, and we must fight it together,” he said. “It is never good to show the least distrust of a friendly country. This is what I do not do with respect to an allied country, and I ask that the American president do not do it with regard to France. ”


Between Angela Merkel and Donald Trump, relations have always been fresh, if not worse. On the occasion of an official visit by the German Chancellor to Washington in March 2017, the US President found a new way to be disrespectful with her, choosing to ignore her as she moved her arm to shake him the hand. And chained the next day with a tweet in which he wrongly explained that the country of his host owed large sums in the United States and NATO.

Since then, he has also accused Angela Merkel of ruining Germany by its migration policy, and in this case by hosting too many Syrian refugees. But his masterpiece is probably the tweet of January 2016 in which he explained that the country was simply “a big mess”.

is one of its favorite targets, even to the point that it has recently taken a stand in favor of opponents of Iranian power, explaining that it was time for the people to get rid of its archaic leaders. Above all, it is around the nuclear issue that the American president is the most aggressive. At the UN Security Council, he continues to campaign for international sanctions against the West Asian country.
For example, Donald Trump explained (and threatened in subtext) that Iran was playing with fire by testing missiles, decertified the Iran nuclear deal and finally issued an ultimatum, the last step before taking unilateral action against the country of Rohani. And to get to the bottom of things, he has also put Iran on the list of Muslim Ban, those countries whose nationals simply do not have the right to travel to the United States.

North Korea 
With Iran, it is the other sworn enemy of Donald Trump. Since his election and even before that, it is probably the country with which the billionaire has been the most violent on social networks. He called the dictator, Kim Jong-Un, “rocket-man” (a joke about the term “rocket man” to describe the quest for the nuclear weapon of the Asian state), compared his “fat nuclear button “with that of North Korea and does not hesitate to make fun of each official statement coming from the northern part of the peninsula.

He also takes a barely concealed pleasure in explaining that the country is running to ruin, that he will end up exterminating it one day or another and will dutifully dump the efforts of his diplomatic teams, leaving each time to hover. the threat of a nuclear conflict.

The United Kingdom 
This is a relationship that many thought unshakeable, yet only a few months of Donald Trump at the head of the United States have managed to make it lopsided. Since becoming president, the billionaire has often attacked his eternal ally, his political representatives and their decisions.

After a terrorist attack that left London in destitution, it found nothing better than to attack the policy of the mayor of the British capital and its origins and religion, subdent that he was an accomplice of the terrorists. He also accused Britain of having spies charged with surveillance and attacked the country’s security forces, whom he believes are not effective enough.

Mexico was the main target of Donald Trump during his victorious run to the White House. Beyond the question of the wall, which he says he wants to pay his neighbor, the American president has been extremely violent towards the Mexican population. In campaign, he said, for example, that Mexico “sends us people, who come with drugs, who bring crime. They are rapists. But some, I think, are good people. ”
Of about a rare violence that led Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, to cancel his official visit to the US in the first weeks of the term of Trump, and continually reaffirm since he never would pay for the wall.

The “shitty countries”
And here is the latest release of the billionaire. At a meeting where the Democrats were hoping to get more protection for the Dreamers-the young refugees Trump plans to expel-in exchange for concessions on his security projects at the US borders, the US president let himself go to a devastating formula.

“Why do we want people from all those crappy countries? We should have more people from places like Norway “, he would have let go, while it was proposed to restore protections for immigrants from including El Salvador, Haiti and Africa. Several media reports, including the Washington Post and NBC News, were finally denied by the person, who simply explained that he had made “harsh” remarks. Once again, then.


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