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Here are the 5 Travel Apps Africans love the most

Online car hire company, Drive South Africa recently launched an application which is an easy-to-use visa checklist for tourists and South Africans travelling with children. The child visa checklist app allows users to view and print the necessary documents specific to their child-travel situation simply by completing a 3-step process.

This development comes after South Africa introduced new visa requirements equivalent to those in the United States and United Kingdom to protect children from abuse and custody disputes. “The only problem is, these regulations were launched with little consultation with the tourism industry, are rather confusing and might even make people think twice about travelling to South Africa,” said Andre Van Kets, co-founder and marketing director of Drive South Africa.

Initially created to enlighten the company’s team of travel consultants on the new regulations, it became a full blown application accessible from any browser. It was built in consultation with family law attorney Megan Harrington-Johnson of Johannesburg-based legal firm Schindlers Attorneys, and has had over 11,000 users from 123 countries since it was launched.

The child visa checklist is one of many other innovative applications revolutionizing travel in Africa. Here are some of the best travel applications in Africa:

Africa : Live


This is a great app for wildlife enthusiasts which collects sightings uploaded by users in real time. It offers variety for other users nearby, significantly cutting down the long search. The‘Best Travel App’ in Africa, it would also be helpful for animal conservation research.

TomTom, South Africa

The TomTom app is a helpful guide which gives you right mapping of roads in South Africa. Take the shortest, fastest or adventurous route depending on your preferences. Some of its unique features include spoken street names which direct you and the ability to work offline if you happen to be in an area with bad signal.


Travelstart has been rated as one of Africa’s most affordable travel booking agencies. They recently launched an app which saves time by providing you with up-to-date flight prices from the world’s top airlines. It is also designed with a search functionality that also allows users to refine these searches based on their needs and preferences with parameters like the cabin class, duration, flight prices or preferred airline.

FlightTrack 5

This is the latest and most updated version of the tracking app designed for the savvy traveller. It is a simple way to search for flights using the live map feature and can be used to track the flights of loved ones. International coverage gives you the ability to track flights worldwide.

TravelSafe PRO

TravelSafe Pro is the ultimate safety application which ensures sure you are clued up, helps to check if your travel documents are safely put together, and provides access to emergency call numbers. Look up the nearest ambulances, embassies, police, and fire engines at the touch of a button.



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