Here Are The 5 Things Every African Should Know About American Power

For the past 50 years, American has been the global leader. The United States of America is a superpower and its can never be underestimated. All countries want to be like America even her enemies imitate her. However, in admiring America, we must also understand the source of their power.

Economic Power

Just this week America showed her military majesty when she dropped the MOAB (Mother of All Bombs) in Afghanistan. Some people erroneously believe that the source of America’s power is its military might but the real source of power is its economy. America the world superpower has the largest economy in the world, with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at close to 17 trillion USD. With that economic muscle America is able to invest in big bombs and to both carry a big stick to bully and also to persuade other courntries. America’s economic prowess comes from the culture of promoting ideas and the idea that yes you can achieve which drives many to leave their homes and move across the country to pursue their dream. The American dream is driven by beliefs in capitalism, entrepreneurship and accumulation of property by the individual. It is this pursuit of this American dream that spurs innovation and economic growth from automobiles to technology.

Technology – Americans in general believe that the future belongs to those who create it. They create the global trends so they reap the benefits of creating something new. American companies are obsessed with innovation because to them it’s about survival. Americans believe that innovation is a matter of survival, that economic dominance is paramount and that a matter of survival of the fittest the language of the jungle. Nokia used to be the world #1 phone maker and made the strongest long lasting phone on the planet but today that phone market is ruled by global trendsetter Apple and by rival android technology made by google. That’s American innovation and economic aptitude. Stanford University for example, boasts that its graduates create $3 Trillion dollars a year & 5.4 million jobs.


Hollywood and Cultural Influence

The ultimate measure of power is when people want to be you. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. All over the world, people are driven by a desire to be more American and to do American things. Chinese and Iranian women for example, are undergoing plastic surgery at unprecedented rates to look more American. African women are buying hair products to look more American. A lot of the desire to be American is promoted through Hollywood productions. They promote degenerate social norms which are rejected by most Americans themselves but promoted as if they are the norm in other areas. Many people who come to America are shocked to know that by and large America is a center right country. This means a majority of Americans are somewhat conservative in their morals and social values. What Hollywood portrays in no way mirrors the way most Americans live. Instead it is made to sell immorality to other societies.


Democracy is not simply about holding elections. It is about having accountability and holding leaders responsible for their actions. This is fundamental to the leadership of America. Democrats check Republicans in check and vice versa and the electorate keep the politicians in check. Though this may sound chaotic and one senator has more power to stop a president or a judge can stop the President from making unilateral declarations at whim but this is the genius of the American political system. No one person can easily sink the ship and the country is protected from bad leadership one way another without a civil war. Democratic voices and the belief that the best ideas must prevail and not bound by age or societal position.

Think Tanks, Universities and Colleges

The first President of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah was educated in the United States. Current Kenyan President Kenyatta, Liberian President Johnson-Sirleaf, Egyptian President Al- Sisi were all educated in America and so were President Faure Essozimna Gnassingbe of Togo and Malawian President Mutharika. By educating African leaders, American ideas influence African leaders in the way they govern.

Non Governmental Organizations

NGOs are the extension of America’s economic and political strength around the world. While they portray themselves as seeking to aid African people, they are really in the business of pushing America’s agenda and expanding its power. For example, American liberals are currently pushing for the girl’s empowerment, which on the surface sounds justifiable, while, the conservatives believe in strong families so they are pushing the anti-gay agenda in Africa as they see fit. However, one wonders why they don’t push economic empowerment, which would actually change the future of most Africans, regardless of gender.



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