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Here Are The 5 Reigning African-American Restaurants Right Now

African American operated and owned restaurant serve “soul food.” These are recipes that they have been cooking in their homes and passed for generations. In the 60s, these restaurants did not only serve food, they also served as a safe haven where African Americans could meet without fear of white people eavesdropping.


  • Amy Ruth’s


This restaurant located in New York City is open 24 hours to serve delicious soul food. Their menu is named after popular celebrities: The Barack Obama smother, baked, fries or barbequed Chicken, The Nate Robinson BBQ ribs and the Ruby Dee Catfish to name a few. Carl S. Redding, owner, named his restaurant after Amy Ruth Moore Bass, his grandmother.

Amy Ruth serves the best comfort soul food. Their waffles and chicken are the second best in the US. When visiting Amy Ruth’s always expect to wait in line bit it definitely is worth the wait.


  • Sylvia’s Restaurant


Sylvia’s is at Harlem, New York. This restaurant has been serving soul food from the South since 1962 and has become a Harlem landmark. In their menu are such soul food as southern style fried chicken and grits, Barbeque Ribs and Catfish dusted with corn. Sylvia’s is owned by the “Queen of Soul Food,” Sylvia Woods.



  • Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles


This restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia is owned by Gladys Knight, the “Empress of Soul.” Their menu centers on Harlem’s comfort staple food consisting of waffles and fried chicken. They also serve oxtails and catfish.

Gladys and her son Shanga Hankerson opened this restaurant in 1997. Ron Winans, a fellow singer helped grow the business into a landmark that it is today.


  • Melba’s


Melba’s is on 114th St., New York. It is a contemporary restaurant that has touches of the past. Chef Marcus Samuelsson opened Melba’s when it was still not yet fashionable to open a restaurant in Harlem. Melba’s opened its door in 2005 to serve such comfort food as southern style crab cakes, strips of catfish and southern style fried chicken. This restaurant is owned by Melba Wilson.


  • Red Rooster Harlem

Red Rooster Harlem is on Lenox Avenue, New York and is a favorite of a lot of African Americans. Marcus Samuelsson and Andrew Chapman own Red Rooster. The restaurant has had a positive impact among the residents in Harlem for the mouthwatering soul food they serve and the music they provide. On their menu are such food soul food as catsfish and grit served with black bottom peanut pie.


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