Here are the 20 Riskiest Countries for a Woman Traveling Alone – New Study Reveals

Some women find their fulfillment with friends, alcohol, cinema, food, men etc …

According to the index of Asher and Lyric Fergusson published Sunday, August 11, these 20 countries below are the most dangerous for a woman traveling alone.

Far from wanting to provoke controversy, these researchers want to help women take safety measures during their travels.

20- Ukraine

It’s the sixth most dangerous country for women because walking alone at night can cost lives

19- The United States

The number of intentional homicides and domestic violence affects approximately 77% of women in the country.

18- Tunisia

On a ranking of 32, Tunisia ranks seventh on the discrimination index.


A high rate of violence against women has been observed in the country.

16- Cambodia

In Cambodia, 46% of women consider that it is sometimes justified that a man beats his spouse.

15- Chile

It is one of the cases that treat women badly and belittle them.

14- Argentina

Gender inequality is in full swing.


13- Turkey

The country has the worst percentage of domestic violence against women.

12- Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has the worst score on discrimination allowed by law.

11- Malaysia

There are beautiful sights but the country is not safe for women.

10- Thailand

Do not venture alone.

9- India

In this country, women are very marginalized.

8- Morocco

Beautiful country tourism but women suffer domestic violence.

7- Egypt

It is a place where it is dangerous for the woman to walk alone at night.

6- Dominican Republic

Only 33% of women in the Dominican Republic say they feel safe enough.

5- Iran

Iran has the third worst discrimination score allowed by law (46)

4- Mexico

Rate of violence against women high.

3- Russia

If you travel in a group, you will enjoy the wonders of the country.

2- Brazil

One in 10 women feels safe on the territory.

1 South Africa

It is a country where women have very little right, let alone a stranger.


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