Here are the 20 Countries Where Employees Have the Highest Salaries; African countries missing

Where can you find the highest wages when you have an activity or trade? If it is not the only one, salary treatment remains one of the main sources of employee motivation. BestOfone studied average wages in several countries of the world. Discover his ranking of the 20 countries where we earn the most money.


Very few people know where Luxembourg is located. This small country in Europe, located between Belgium, Germany and France is the country where employees have the highest wages. In Luxembourg, a worker receives an average of 4636.15 euros, a little more than 3 million FCFA


Switzerland is by far one of the most peaceful countries in the world and also the center of many interests. It is located in Central Europe, and borders Italy, France, Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein. Swiss workers earn on average 4578.83 euros, nearly 3 million FCFA


The average salary in Iceland is  € 4,542.39


United States 4,452.07 €

Netherlands 3,887.33

Denmark 3,783.65 

Norway € 3,764.97

Austria 3,701.5                                                                                                                                    

Belgium € 3,651.96

Australia   € 3,611.59

Ireland   € 3,503.30

Canada    $ 3,501.02

Germany  3,499.33 €

France   3,216.76 €

United Kingdom    3,215.02 €

Finland   € 3,158.56

Sweden    € 3,116.59

Japan    € 3,004.10

New Zealand     € 2,943.82

Spain   € 2,830.96


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