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Here are the 11 Least Peaceful Countries in Africa

Iceland was named as the top peaceful country in the world while Afghanistan was the least peaceful country.

In Africa, the top peaceful and least peaceful countries are Mauritius and South Sudan respectively.

According to the report for the first time in five years, there is a slight improvement in global peacefulness. On average, country scores improved 0.09 percent, as 86 countries recorded more peacefulness and 76 countries showed deterioration.

However, even as some crises and conflicts of the last decade finally begin to subside, the report found that the world is notably less peaceful than 10 years ago.

Below are the 11 least peaceful countries in Africa

1.  South Sudan

2.  Somalia

3.  Central Africa

4.  Libya

5.  Democratic Republic of Congo

6.  Sudan

7.  Nigeria

8.  Mali

9.  Cameroon

10.  Chad

11.  Egypt

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