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Here are Signs Your Job is Destroying Your Marriage

Our jobs often affect our personal relationships and in extreme cases, they can even ruin marriages. Here are signs that your job is hurting your marriage:

1. You realise that you are happier at work than you are at home, and feel more engaged with your work colleagues than with your spouse.

2. Your spouse has become your career therapist; If you find yourself constantly seeking advice from your spouse on your next ‘move’ at work, you could be hurting your marriage.

3. You have nothing to talk to them about except work: If you literally have nothing to talk about with your spouse other than work, then this is a bad sign.

4. Your partner clams up when you ask them about their day: If your spouse feels that they’re taking the brunt of your office worries, then they may withdraw and seem unusually quiet, not wanting to add to the drama.

5. You argue more with your spouse: If you are carrying home stress with you from the office, then you may become more irritable and end up taking it out on your partner in totally unrelated areas.

6. Your spouse’s body language appears defensive: If your spouse reacts to your work discussions with crossed arms, little eye contact, or poor posture, then that may be a clue that they are quietly suffering.

7. You notice he or she doesn’t listen to you when you speak anymore: A spouse who’s sick of hearing about you ‘feeling trapped’ at work or that you were admonished again might offer less eye contact or keep busy with another activity as you speak to mitigate the stress.


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