Here are Reasons Why You Should Choose a Job in Engineering

When thinking about engineers, you might imagine genius people, inventing new cool stuff all day long. In reality the sector is searching for a lot of other, more technical profiles as well. To help you understand what it really means to choose for a job in engineering, we have documented some reasons why this sector should be at the top of your list of careers to pursue.

1. Stable long-term jobs

Most engineering companies are very big and stable firms. There will always be a need for qualified engineers to keep the research and development and the day-to-day activities going. The engineering industry is also still a growing industry which means there are a lot of career opportunities available. Sure, there is a lot of competition for the best jobs, but if you put enough effort in your job search and keep further developing your skills, you will be the employee these companies are looking for.

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2. Good work environment and salary

When working in an engineering company you are expected to keep up-to-date with all types of training, education, evolutions and industry knowledge. Often this life-long learning is stimulated by your co-workers. Having to keep up with the latest industry developments together forms a bond within the team, making for a really great work environment. This need for a high level of skill and dedication is reflected in the salary of engineering jobs.

3. It’s a very varied job

Being an engineer means working in all types of environments at all kinds of hours during the day. Everything depends on the task you are working on. Every day there will be new challenges and problems to overcome while working in new contexts. This allows for a lot of variety in your job and makes the day go by a lot faster. As an engineer you are not tied to one location. Engineers can work anywhere around the world and are needed everywhere.

4. Attractive employers

If we take a look at the top then of most attractive companies in South Africa for 2016 all sectors, there are three companies who typically employ a lot of engineers: Google, Eskom and Deloitte. The top companies chosen by engineering professionals and students are Google, Eskom, Microsoft, Transnet and Sasol. Some of these companies also made the global top ten of most attractive companies. So working in this sector means working for some of the top employers in Africa and all over the world.


5. Social challenge

One of the best things about being an engineer is that your work benefits people all around the world. Engineering affects almost every aspect of our lives. From our transport to our houses and to internet access (which enables you to read this article!). All these things are the work of engineers. With, for instance, global warming and climate change there are a lot of new challenges for engineers to develop new technologies that society can benefit from.

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