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Here Are Heartily Experiences That Possibly Prompted Lupita Nyong’o To Write A Book  

Other than shining in the acting industry, Lupita Nyong’o has also stayed relevant on the beauty platforms.  And her incredible achievements, despite being dark-skinned, have made her learn one important lesson in life: always love your skin color.

Now, she has decided not to keep this important lesson to herself, but rather to share it with other people young generation.

Just recently, actress Lupita announced that she is busy preparing a children’s book with a vital message about accepting, loving and embracing your own skin.

The book is titled Sulwe, which translates to “star” in her native language of Luo.

The story revolves around a 5-year-old African girl who is craving to change her dark skin complexion but finally finds self-acceptance—after being canceled and helped by her mother.

“I’m thrilled to reveal that I’ve written a children’s book!” Lupita shared on her Instagram page. “It is called ‘Sulwe’!”

She then gave a short review of her mindset-changing book.

“Sulwe is a dark-skinned young girl who goes on an adventure, and wakes up with a new reimagined sense of beauty,” the actress-turned-writer added.

“Sulwe encounters lessons that most of us learn as kids and spend the rest of our lives, unlearning.”

Although Lupita says that she wrote the book with the intentions of changing the mindset of children, she explains that the message in the book can still apply to you as an adult. So, feel free to read it, once it is released early next year.


“This is a story that I wrote for little ones,” said Lupita. “But irrespective of your age, I hope it will still serve as an inspiration for everybody to walk with joy and happiness in their own skin. The book will be out by January 2019!”

What motivated Lupita to write the book?

Well, Lupita too experienced these issues of self-image and complexion, firsthand.

She was raised alongside a lighter-skinned sister—who was often referred to as “brown and pretty” by folks outside of their family.

”I recall having felt unbeautiful,” she revealed in her powerful speech during the 2014 Essence. “Whenever I put on the television, all I would see was pale skin. So I got taunted and teased about my night-shaded skin.”

Lupita also admitted that “my one prayer to God—the miracle worker—was that I would wake up and find myself lighter skinned.”

After enduring all those beauty challenges, it is safe to say that those experiences, plus many more, are the ones that have made Lupita, to write ‘Sulwe.’


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