Here Are 7 Productivity Boosting Tips Every Professional Needs!!

You can be active yet not productive at all. There are days when you’re absolutely not on your best and you need all the help you can to be productive. Here are some productivity boosting tips for those bad days:

1. Plan your day ahead

Before you start your day, have a concrete plan of the things you hope to achieve that day. Write them even and follow through. A daily to-do list will keep you from slacking off.

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2. Learn to mind your business

As Africans, we have the tendency to care too much about our neighbours and colleagues. We can sometimes take being our brothers’ keeper too far. It’s okay to care about your colleagues and what happens to them. But you also have to make sure it doesn’t affect your work. Sometimes, simply minding your business is the best thing you can do.

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3. Always write things down

It’s a lot harder to remember things when you’re stressed. Writing things you need to remember in a handy note book means you can turn your attention to other things.



4. Take action

This is perhaps the most important thing here. Even if you have a to-do list, mind your business and write things down, if you don’t follow through on them, all is lost. Follow your to-do list religiously.




5. Don’t dwell on the negatives

Bad things can happen at any time and day. There is nothing you can do about them. But if you dwell on said negative things, it will affect your performance that day. Learn to let things go so your mind can focus on work.




6. Prioritise your time

You have just 24 hours in a day. You have to give the important things at work the most of your time and attention. Gossipping and sharing the latest pictures of celebs aren’t things you should prioritise in your work day.

Office gossip



7. Take breaks

Sometimes, you’re just over-worked which can affect your productivity. Leaving your desk and going for a brisk little work may just be the pick-me-up you need to focus and get the most out of your day.

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