Here are 6 Major Things the Concierge Revealed About Kim’s Robbery

It has been roughly two weeks since Kim Kardashian West was held at gunpoint and robbed in a private apartment in Paris.

The reality TV star has kept a low profile and is reportedly taking some needed time off as she recovers from the traumatic ordeal.

Others involved in the harrowing heist, however have spoken out.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail the concierge – who was actually a night security guard and was left alone on the night – has opened up revealing details about what happened on the fateful night.

Here are 6 major things the concierge revealed about Kim’s robbery:

1. How the robbers got in

The robbers approached the building and reportedly got in by fooling the concierge into thinking they were policemen. He told Daily Mail they were fully dressed in uniform prompting him to open for them upon request.

2. Leading the robbers to Kim’s room

Abdulrahman, 39, told Daily Mail of how he pleaded with the robbers not to hurt Kim but confessed he did show them where her room was.


After being handcuffed and forced he finally gave in, lead them to Kim’s room and unlocked the door for two of the robbers.

4. The communication barrier between Kim and the robbers

The concierge revealed how he had to interpret what the robbers were saying to Kim because she couldn’t understand the demands they were making.

Before taking it upon himself to do this, the concierge told Daily Mail how the communication barrier angered and frustrated the robbers.

5. The code for the security door was not a secret

The PhD student, who works part-time as a security guard to fund his studies, blamed the building’s poor security for the robbery.

He admitted the code for the front door of the building had not been changed in 6 years and was not a secret.

6. Kim’s comforting response

Abdulrahman also described what happened after the robbery. After police had arrived and started taking statements the 39-year-old helped Kim give her statement by translating to the police, Kim too gave him some comfort with a hug.

He told Daily Mail he sympathises with her and only hopes she is okay.


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