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Here Are 5 Types Of Women Ivorians And Africans Love

If you do not know, Ivorians are demanding when it comes to choosing a woman. If today, the appearance of a woman has taken over the interior adornment, Ivorians do not let themselves be trapped. For an adventure, they may not pay attention inside but for all their life, they are very careful. Here are 5 types of women that Ivorians love.

1- Women attached to domestic chores
Increasingly, some women do not mix well with domestic chores. For Ivorians, the woman is also the housework, the one who takes care of his house, ensuring cleanliness and cooking very well.

2- Introverted women
Ivorians prefer calm women, those who speak less. This may be a guarantee for them of their authority. Which is not true. But, what would one say, if some adore this type of women?


3- Believing women
In general, men are not very believers. That’s why we find more women than men in churches. Some men prefer to have a believing wife, because they are convinced that with them, they are safe with regard to infidelity.

4- Women who have curves
There are many Ivorians who love women in flesh. It is difficult for some to refrain from looking at a woman who has curves. Besides, is not this the prototype of the African woman?

5- They love women with natural complexion
Miss, if you are interested in an Ivorian, keep your complexion natural. If you are black, that it does not bother you, it is possible that it notices you. If you are clear, do not add, someone will necessarily love what you are.


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