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Here Are 5 Token Black Characters From ’90s TV Shows And What Happened To Them!!

boy meets world

Angela Moore

From 1997-2000, actress Trina McGee played Angela Moore on 60 episodes on Boy Meets World. McGee’s character was a Black girl who had an interracial relationship with Rider Strong’s character, Shawn Hunter, in the ABC show.

Their up-and-down relationship continued through the college years of Boy Meets World, and ended with an aborted marriage proposal on the series finale. Throughout the series, there were reportedly racial quips written into the script. Angela poked fun at herself as the only Black character on several occasions, with lines such as, “I gotta get more Black friends.”

Since the end of the show, McGee went on play the role of  Cinnamon in the 2002 movie, Friday After Next.

markus redmond

Raymond Alexander

On the comedy-drama Doogie Howser, M.D., which aired on ABC from 1990-1993, actor Markus Redmond played Raymond Alexander for 71 episodes.

In the storyline, Alexander was an orderly (and later an emergency medical technician) at the hospital. He met the main character, Howser, when he took him hostage during a convenience-store robbery. After Alexander completes his sentence and returns from prison, Howser helps him get a job at the hospital.

Redmond’s latest project, which he wrote and starred in, was a 2007 movie, If I Had Known I Was a Genius.



Jordan Tate

From 1996-1998, actress Traci Bingham played the role of Jordan Tate on the NBC action-drama series Baywatch. Many actresses made appearances on the show, but didn’t last as long as Bingham, who played in 44 episodes.

Some viewers speculated that the actress possibly lasted so long on the series because she is Black, adding dimension to the cast with many blonde characters.

Bingham has appeared on a number of reality television shows since the end of her Baywatch days.

3rd Rock From the Sun

Nina Campbell

From 1996-2001, actress Simbi Khali played the role of Nina Campbell for 134 episodes of the NBC sitcom,  3rd Rock From the Sun.

On the series, Campbell was an intelligent Black student who worked for characters Dick and Mary at the fictional Pendleton University. As the only Black character in the show, many of the scenes with Campbell were used effectively to explore racial issues.

Since the end of 3rd Rock, Khali has been featured in a few television shows.


Elena Tyler

On WB network drama series Felicity, actress Tangi Miller played the role of Elena Tyler for 74 episodes from 1998-2002.

Tyler was the main character’s friend on the series.  At first, the two were rivals, then they later teamed up to become lab partners and partners-in-crime.

Since the end of that show, Miller was the lead actress in Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood and played Donna in Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion.


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