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Here Are 4 ‘Alcoholic Mixtures’ In Africa That Are Hazardous To Health

All African countries have homemade alcoholic beverages such as Ogogoro in Nigeria, Umkomboti in South Africa, Nsafufuo in Ghana or Muratina and Chang’aa in Kenya.

Local alcoholic mixtures can be a source of income for poor families. They are also used in traditional ceremonies such as libation, weddings and funerals.

But if they are not well prepared, they can be dangerous and every year hundreds of people die from drinking these alcoholic beverages.

Here are 4 alcoholic mixtures in Africa that are hazardous to health

Kumi-Kumi aka Chang’aa aka “Kill me quickly”

This powerful brewing is the choice of thousands of people in slums of Kenya. It has already caused nearly 200 deaths due to its inappropriate consumption. It is known that they are distilled with a mixture of methanol, fecal matter and other substances to give it additional effects.



Popular in Mozambique, this drink comes from sorghum, corn and sugar and should not normally be harmful. Unfortunately, a lack of attention to its distillation can lead to a substance that kills. Again, methanol has proven to be a preferred ingredient. Phombe killed 71 people after they consumed a contaminated batch.

Atemuda aka “Judgment Day”

It is found in Ghana and its base is the popular “akpeteshie”, a substance derived from distilled sugar cane or palm wine and popular for its high concentration of alcohol. It is also called “Judgment Day” after the addition of marijuana to brewing.


Waragi aka The War Gin

The less effective form is produced for export, but it is the traditionally produced version that is to be feared. Its production is forbidden, but that did not prevent its popularity. It killed 80 people in Uganda.


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