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Here Are 3 Types Of Smiles And Their Meanings

The smile is the basis of all social interaction. A sign of politeness, embarrassment or compassion, it always means something, whether unconsciously or not.


But how to recognize the different types of smiles?

Two scientists conducted a study to identify them. Thanks to them, your social relations will be much clearer.

1 – The smile of reward or satisfaction

Here are 3 types of smiles and their meanings

According to scientists, this smile is the most intuitive. “It’s the kind of smile you would make to a baby, so he smiles back.” This smile is completely symmetrical, we raise slightly the eyebrows and the most important: it is necessary to show his teeth! It is also the smile that many of us choose during our photo shoot. It can reveal an impression of happiness or intense joy.


2 – The smile of affiliation or sympathy

Here are 3 types of smiles and their meanings

This smile is mostly used to express tolerance, understanding or show that you are not a threat. Like the reward smile, it is symmetrical. But this time, we do not show the teeth because the lips remain tight. This smile is discreet, but he can say a lot. And yes, it’s not necessarily because we show our teeth that we feel sympathy.

3 – The domination smile

Here are 3 types of smiles and their meanings

People who smile in this way want to affirm their “superior” social status and strengthen their power over others – whether at work or in a group of friends. This time, the smile is not symmetrical. Often, one eyebrow is raised – which reinforces the asymmetry of the face. If someone smiles at you that way, it’s probably because he’s taking you down.

Smiles have always helped people communicate, especially if they do not speak the same language.

Knowing how to differentiate and interpret them can help you avoid uncomfortable situations. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know if a smile is honest or calculated.


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