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Here Are 3 Of The Many People Who Betrayed The Africans Global Revolution!!


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Assassination of Thomas Sankara: evidence of a documentary by RAI 3 involve France, CIA and Blaise Compaoré

Robert R Moton (2nd president of Tuskegee Institute); A government spy and traitor to African people in the US

” He later became a member of the Boule’ and played a vital role in sabotaging Garvey as well as the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment happening on his watch while head of Tuskegee, signing-off on the experiments carried out on Afrikan citizens for over 30 yearz with the acknowledgement and support of the U.S. Department of Health.


According to (Steve) Cokely, Moton was hired by the government to spy on Garvey. He was an agent for the U.S. government to coordinate the program against Garvey in America. In one of his many lectures on the Boule’ Cokely stated Moton was given $5million to keep Garvey out of Liberia and halt the Back to Africa movement in exchange for a favor regarding race relationz at a later date………Moton, now a mole “Gay” Edgar Hoover would’ve had wet dreamz about, started attending Garvey’s meetingz and would brief the government on the detailz. His reward? He got the 1st Black Veteranz hospital at Tuskeegee; the infamous place where the Syphilis Experiments were conducted, all on Moton’s watch. Although history has been kind to Moton because of this government conspiracy, he and memberz of the staff at Tuskegee knew what was going on.


I was forwarded a quote that’s allegedly taken directly from the Phi Beta Sigma history book — of which Moton was also a member — ‘Our cause speeds on: An informal history of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity’, by W. Sherman Savage:


“Many Americans, in and out of the military, felt that the “social equality” of the contacts of the Negro soldiers and French individuals and families would ruin the black Americans for their place in American society… Brother R.R. Moton was sent over on one of his special missions to prepare the black troops so that they might return to life in America properly.”


In other wordz, Moton’s job was to keep these Afrikanz in check, for returning “to life in America properly” meant them still being treated as subhuman. It should not surprise you that a Black man would agree to do such a job when you realize this is the nature of the Boule’ man, one who wishes, a said on page 28 of the Boule’s history book, “create an organization which would partake in the tenants (basis, or root) of Skull & Bones at Yale.

When we look, in particular, at Afrikan people, those in North America seem to exhibit the greatest effects of Global White Supremacy (GWS) for it is evident when we analyze the ongoing confusion leading to our collective lack of identity, the shade of skin, texture of our hair, and denomination of the god we worship. Organizationz like the Boule’ have proven to be a vital element in the struggle to resurrect our Afrikan identity. Graham, a “privileged” Black kid who admitted the brainwashing he went through during his upbringing — like his fair-skinned grandmother who would only allow him and his brother to play outside in the shade and would scold them if any part of them were out in the sun, sayin’ they needed not be any darker then they were —spoke of the residual impact it had that moved him to surgically reconfigure his Afrikan nose to look more european in his early twenties.


This is the makeup of a sellout, and this mindset is manufactured through breeding groups like the Boule’ and trickle down to InRoads and Jack&Jill. It is within the confines of these groups where families subliminally (and even explicitly) live up to racist axiomz like, “If you’re Black, get back; if you’re Brown, stick around; if you’re yellow, you’re a fine fellow; and if you’re white, you’re right!”


In order to really understand this psyche, probably the best to analyze would be the Boule’, aka Sigma Pi Phi, Fraternity, Inc.


Every month of May, memberz of the Boule’ — which now claimz to have over 5,000 memberz and 112 chapterz throughout the United States and the West Indies — commemorate their founding by re-reading their history book as a symbol of renewing their allegiance to an organization modeled after Skull&Bones at Yale. In opposition, I propose every year, Afrikan people re-read select books that may renew our mission to restore our legacy; books like Chancellor Williams, ‘The Destruction of Black Civilization’ is one that immediately comes to mind.


I say this because the actionz of this over 100-year organization — which has spawned offspring that directly goes after our best and brightest (via organizationz like Jack&Jill, InRoads, and undergraduate fraternities and sororities) — have proven where their allegiance lay as it is obviously apparent it is not about liberating Afrikan people from the grips of GWS. But when it comes to the Boule’, if you read the previous article I wrote, one should not be surprised. Question is, what are “those in the know” do? I believe books like Williams is paramount!


Over the yearz I’ve covered this topic, I’ve gotten responses from those who just can’t shake this allegiance, even though they’re not even direct beneficiaries! Claiming to not be “greek” or having ties to the customz of the greeks, most use this baseless excuse as a reason to continue membership. But I ask, where’s the research and study? How idiotic is it to say one is in a Black Greek-Lettered organization, yet claim not to have any ties with greeks?!!?


I’ve deduced this to realizing there are those who are unreachable, and I assure you, it is not my intent to change them. Back in 1996, I was faced with the same decision once learning about the Boule’, so I know the feeling of “loosing the benefits” of being a member (the alleged job hook-ups and business/social connectionz), but there’s emphatically no way I could remain knowing this organization chooses to be abettorz of our people’s social, mental, and spiritual demise.


Truly the choice is yours, you can do what you will with the info we have on the Boule’. But for those who find themselves “riding the fence,” here’s a few more jewelz to ponder…

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