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Here Are 18 African-American Celebrity Memoirs That Would Make Great Reads

With a Bobby Brown memoir on the way, this leaves us wondering if there are other celebrities planning to publish an autobiography any time soon. Below are the 17 African American celebrities who should consider penning down their highs and lows, scandals, and everything in between in their own words.

Bobby Brown

1. Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown is currently preparing for the release of his memoir, a record of his highs and lows, from his early days in R&B, to his marriage to Whitney Houston. After death of Whitney and his daughter’s death, Bobby decided to take on the project to give his fans a sneak peek into his intriguing, wild, and sensational life.

The Dey Street Books Publishing Company is eager to take on the project with the book set to be released during the summer of 2016.

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2. Rihanna

Recommended Title: “Good Girl Gone Bad”

Rihanna’s memoirs would take us way back to her Music Of The Sun Days and show why and how she became the unremorseful girl we know today.

Lauryn Hill

3. Lauryn Hill

Recommended Title: “The Re-Education of Lauryn Hill”

As expected, Lauryn is highly unlikely to give a follow-up book or sequel, expect one medium in a lifetime.

Mary J. Blige

4. Mary J. Blige

Recommended Title: “The 411”

Her memoir, which could possibly be named after her most popular album, would most likely be a compilation of her music and lyrics.

Janet Jackson

5. Janet Jackson

Recommended Title: “Nasty: Ms. Jackson’s Story”

This would be an interesting inside story of how a little girl from good times surged from behind her brothers’ shadows to become a diva and bonafide sex symbol.

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Mariah Carey

6. Mariah Carey

Recommended Title: “Metamorphosis”

We should expect a butterfly reference in a Mariah Carey memoir.

Lisa Bonet

7. Lisa Bonet

Recommended Title: “Denise’s Diary”

We could expect Lisa Bonet’s memoirs to explain why she kept disappearing every so often, from The Cosby Show; to a sneak peek into A Different World and her personal life.Laverne Cox

8. Laverne Cox

Recommended Title: “Learning to Love Laverne”

Laverne Cox’s journey into femininity began in rural Alabama and continued all the way to Litchfield Prison on the hit series, “Orange Is The New Black.” We’d definitely buy the memoir.

Tracee Ellis Ross

9. Tracee Ellis Ross

Recommended Title: “Boss Life”

What is it like to grow up under Diana Ross? We expect Tracee to share this and to reveal how she ended up as a star in her own right.


Terrence Howard

10. Terrence Howard

Recommended Title: “Hustle and Flow”

Terrence’s memoir could be titled after the film that lifted him to stardom. We would expect him to talk about the lessons learned both on- and off-screen.

Kanye West

11. Kanye West

Recommended Title: “The Gospel According to Yeezus”

This is likely to be a long and continuous sentence about how Kanye is actually a genius, with a couple of heartwarming highlights about his mom and two kids.

Kenya Moore

12. Kenya Moore

Recommended Title: “Gone with Wind Fabulous”

What more can we expect from Kenya except how much she loves herself, and why not? We could all use some of her outstanding confidence.

Melissa Harris-Perry

13. Melissa Harris-Perry

Recommended Title: “Perspectives”

A long, uplifting memoir about Melissa’s life would be welcome on our bookshelves.

Camille Cosby

14. Camille Cosby

Recommended Title: “No Comment”

A Camille Cosby’s memoir would be a must read. We could expect her to talk about her husband’s sex scandal and living in its shadow.


15. Prince

Recommended Title: “Lessons from Lake Minnetonka”

In this memoir, maybe Prince would tell us the secret behind his flawless eye makeup and how to pronounce the Love Symbol.

Oprah Winfrey

16. Oprah Winfrey

Recommended Title: “YOU Get A Memoir!!”

What’s more than Oprah’s gift to you and me?

Stedman Graham

17. Stedman Graham

Recommended Title: “The Better Half”

Isn’t this the book we’ve all been waiting for? We certainly want to know all about Oprah’s right-hand man.

Columbus Short

18. Columbus Short

Recommended Title: “Scandal”

In Columbus own short words: “The highs and lows of my career.”



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