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Here are 10 African Countries With the Highest Schengen Visa Rejections

Considered as the richest continent on earth, Africa remains a pot of gold waiting to be unearthed and utilized to its maximum for the benefit of its people.

Recently, there has been a sturdy rise in the number of homegrown businesses, creative individuals and technological innovations from the continent.

Despite all this, a majority of Africans have their eyes set on travelling to Europe or America to further their studies or relocate for a better income and future.

An article published in March 2018 by Reuters indicate that 1.5 million people have left sub-Saharan Africa for Europe and the United States since 2010, while millions more are making plans to follow in their footsteps.

The rise in emigrants from Africa also means an increase in visa rejections. The latest report by Schengen Visa Information shows the African countries with the highest to lowest visa rejections.  

From 1 to 10, here are the African countries that record the highest number of visa rejections in 2017

Muritala Mohammed International Airport


Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa. According to World Meters, as of December 31 2018, the country had a population of  198,280,587. The country is also the continents most rejected when it comes to visa applications at a rate of 52.5 per cent. This means that more than half of the 83,647 applications in 2017 were rejected.

Asmara International Airport , Eritrea


As the second on the list, it is quite surprising that Eritrea has one of the lowest visa applications in Africa. With only 2,331 applicants in 2017, the country records a rejection rate of 47.8 per cent, indicating that almost 1000, if not a little more, of visa applicants, are rejected.

Conakry International Airport, Guinea


 In 2017, out of a population of 12.7 million 13,432  people applied for a Visa in Guinea. The country scores the 3rd highest rejection in Africa with a rejection rate of 43.5 per cent.

 Bangui, Airport, Central African Republic,

Central African Republic

The landlocked Central African Republic is 4th on the highest Visa Rejection list, with a 43 per cent rate against a total number of 4,295  applicants.


 Blaise Diagne of Diass Airport, Dakar, 


Senegal starts the top 5 list and is the 11th West African country on the entire list out of the 13 that make the list. In 2017, the French-speaking country recorded a total of 69,250 visa applications with a rejection rate of 39.9 per cent.


Surprisingly the small island and often forgotten African country features on the highest rejection list at number 6 with 4,295  applicants in 2017 and a rejection rate of 36.3 per cent. 

Kotoka International Airport


Ghana leads Algeria with a 0.3 per cent difference. The country, however, has a lower number of applicants at 31,806.

Ghana’s rejection rate hit 36.2 per cent in 2017. However, with several Ghanaians being deported and arrested for various crimes, the rejection rate is sure to increase.

International Airport of Algiers


Algeria comes in at #8  with a refusal rate of 35.9 per cent. The country has the highest number of applicants in Africa according to the Schengen Visa Information with Morocco having the second highest.

Aeroport De Mbujimayi, DR Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic follows Libya with a refusal rate of 34.8 per cent. The number of applications is definitely set to increase with the current political instability in the country.

 Tripoli Airpot . Photo; Ismail Zitouny


With an application number of 9,846 and a refusal rate of 33.3 per cent Libya ranks as the 10th African country with the highest visa rejections. This comes in as no surprise considering the economic and social hardship in the country that many people are fleeing in search of a better and more stable life.



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