Here all the benefits granted to former heads of state, according to Law No. 2009-18 of 15 July 2009!!

The issue of remuneration benefits granted to former heads of state is far from settled. Earlier this week, the former president and charismatic leader cowries Forces for Emerging Benin (FCBE), Boni Yayi, who seized the president, Patrice Talon and that of the national Assembly, Mr. Adrien Houngbédji on non-payment of his pension. Since its admission to retirement, the former president of Benin declares not benefit to date of its prerogatives and saw fit to claim them from the highest authorities.

This claim holds of Law No. 2009-18 of 15 July 2009 on pension and other benefits to former presidents. Thus, in its Article 1, it stipulates for example that “The Presidents of the Republic, elected according to the Constitution of 11 December 1990, when they cease their functions, receive pursuant to Article 48 paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Constitution, a pension with immediate enjoyment and to better clarify the same law states in Article 3 that. “the immediate enjoyment of the special pension takes effect on the date of termination of the used treatment under of the presidential office. “it is therefore right that Boni Yayi makes today the demand for not having benefited for over 6 months now that he has left office. since the accession to Government’s power to break, the Minister of economy and Finance, Romuald Wadagni, preferred to a radio silence on this case. No decision or recommendation has been made to implement this law which should allow Boni Yayi to receive his pension. Better still, no legal basis has been taken in this direction, as the implementing decree required by that law, in Article 18 to specify as required, its implementing rules. This irregularity was a scapegoat for former presidents of Benin, which have not benefited those prerogatives. It should be remembered that fire, General Mathieu Kerekou, preferred to be treated in its title. Thus, it was picked up from his captaincy until his death.As for the president Nicephore Dieudonne Soglo, leader of the Benin Renaissance has set its benefits by decree before abandoning them after his election as head of the municipality of Cotonou. Unfortunately, President Boni Yayi had taken any steps to regain possession of his pension. Through these letters to the President of the Republic Patrice Talon and that of the National Assembly, Mr. Adrien Houngbedji, Yayi Boni opts for the passage of a law out of this anarchy. A law that will set permanently on the legal basis of the salaries of former heads of state. It is urgent as the government’s new start and MPs work that the law was passed and brought a solution to the pay treatment of the president.


Patrice Talon, without pay, awaiting the setting of a legal basis

Since the night of the presidential election in March 2016 where he was brilliantly elected by the people to lead the country, the President of the Republic, Patrice Athanase Guillaume Talon still has not perceived as salary. According to some information near the government of breaking, President Patrice Talon expects the establishment of the legal basis of the wage salary of the President of the Republic, before being paid. This decision is specific to the president who, after his election, expressed its willingness to set a legal basis allowing it to regain possession of his prerogatives. Particular attention comes the issue of the situation facing the former head of state of Benin, Boni Yayi, forced to seize the competent bodies to take their retirement pension. This request will be without doubt one of the highlights on which the deputies to the National Assembly and members of the government will floor in the next few days. It also will determine, definitively, on the powers to be enjoyed, former heads of State of Benin.

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