Her World Crumbled As She Was Bathed In Acid By Boyfriend, Choosing Career Over His Proposal Was A Crime(Photos)

Kanwal Qayyum, 29, was soaked with sulphuric corrosive acid while she was taking rest by none other than her best friend, who wanted to stop her from becoming an air hostess.

Before Acid Attack
Credit: Daily Mail – Kanwal Qayyum, 29, pictured here before she was attacked.

Face of a Pakistani woman after Acid attack

After Acid attack
Dr. Shahmalak treated Ashar, 24, who had acid thrown over her by a man.

The victim wanted to be an air hostess by profession. But due to her ruined face nothing could be possible. After 10 years now doctors have painstakingly rebuilt her features, and she is now married.

Cosmetic surgeon Asim Shahmalak travelled to Pakistan for two years to help surgeons and specialist to help give her confidence back.

Eyebrows surgery after Acid attack
‘Doused with acid because you turn down a man’s proposal – people were treated better.

The whole team created new eyebrows and new eyelashes for Kanwal using hair taken from the back of her scalp, while another team of surgeons completely revamped her nose utilizing tissue from her thigh.

Jealous friend burnt woman’s face off to stop her becoming an air hostess.

Dr. Shahmalak was brought together with Kanwal on an outing to Karachi a week ago where she demonstrated the progress she had made and talked about getting hitched since he helped her out.

Prior to the surgery, she needed to utilize a dark marker to give the feeling that despite everything she had eyebrows.

Surgery progress after Acid attack
 Acid attack victim releases before and after pictures of her injuries.

With the help of few specialists in the whole world who can complete eyelash and eyebrow transplants.

Dr. Shahmalak usually performs these operations on women in the UK who have wrecked their eyebrows or lashes through over-plucking or misusing false eyelashes.

He has additionally operated on Calum Best, Googlebox star Christ Steed and Dr. Christian Jenson from Embarrassing Bodies.

Kanwal, now arranging new surgery on her nose, stated: ‘I cannot thank Dr. Shahmalak enough – he has completely transformed my face and I love my new eyebrows and new eyelashes’.

Here’s what needs to acknowledged and acted upon: Everyone is created equal and entitled to the basic human rights of freedom of  speech and expression. And, ‘revenge’ is nothing but a punishable crime in disguise. How revenge can be a driving force in someone’s actions is simply incomprehensible – a woman trying to make her career choice or refusing a proposal is no excuse to harm her or commit any sort of crime against her.

It is a reminder and an indication that her rights, privacy and decisions are to be respected and that she is left alone to lead her life as she wishes. It’s funny how people were treated better in the middle ages.


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