“Help Me, I Don’t Want to Die in Oman”: Nigerian Victim of Human Trafficking Calls for Help (Video)

A Nigerian woman, Adetomisin, who has been trafficked from Nigeria to Oman, is going through a ordeal and wishes to return home.

In a video that has gone viral, Adetomisin, who speaks in Yoruba, claims to have contacted an agent who had promised him a job in the United States. But things turned sour when she ended up in Oman.

“Good evening Nigerians. My name is Adetomisin. I am a Nigerian from Ondo State. I am currently speaking to you from Oman.

When I left Nigeria, the agreement I had with my agent was that I was going to the United States to work. After my studies and several years without a job, I decided to leave the country.

My agent told me that he would help me find a job in the United States. Suddenly everything changed. I do not know what happened. This is how they brought us to Oman. Myself and another woman. When we arrived at Oman airport, two people came to pick us up. They took us to an office and robbed us of everything we had, including our passports and our phones.

They took us to the place where we were to start working. When I got to my workplace, my boss started to threaten and frustrate me. For the first four months, he paid me no salary. When I called my agent to inform him, he told me that it was not his business because he played his role. Since then, he has stopped taking my calls.

is boss has continued to threaten me to sleep with him, but I refused. With all the stress of work, I wake up at 4 am and work all day until around midnight or 1 am before sleeping. My boss threatened to kill me if I didn’t comply at his request. It was then that I said that I no longer wanted to work and that they should take me back to my country after having worked four months without receiving a salary.

They brought me back to the office and they started scolding me. They took me to a room and locked me up with other people. For a week, we were given no food or water. Most of us drank water from the toilet for almost a week before they came to take us back to work.

I have been working there for a year and two months and I am sick. I told my boss I wanted to go back to Nigeria but he said I can’t go back

Nigerians, please help me. I want to go home. I’m sick and my boss says I can’t go back. Nigerians, please help me. I don’t want to die in Oman. “

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Nigerian lady, Adetomisin from Ondo state has cried out for help. In a video which has since gone viral, Adetomisin said after completing her NCE and been unemployed for two years, she decided to travel out. She met with an agent who told her he could get her to the US to work there. . . She said she was shocked to find herself in Oman. She said herself and another lady were dumped in Oman by the agent. Efforts to get herself back to Nigeria has been futile. She says she has been subjected to very inhumane conditions as her boss over there never paid her for her services and was also asking her for sex. . . Adetomisin said she is sick and desperately wants to come home. She appealed to Nigerians to come to her aid.

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