Heaps Of Unwanted Clothes From The UK Wash Up On Ghana’s Beaches


Heaps of unwanted clothes have washed up on a beach in Ghana, west Africa.


Disturbing pictures from the capital city of Accra in Ghana show huge piles of wet garments strewn over the sand, with many of these thought to have been imported from Britain and other western nations.



According to environmental sustainability charity WRAP, up to 70 per cent of the UK’s waste clothes from retail and donation are sent abroad, with only the United States exporting more worldwide.




The charity pointed out that most of the clothes sent to West Africa from the UK and America cannot be resold as a result of their poor condition and these clothes end up being a major contributor to pollution.


Photographs from the coastal fishing community of Jamestown in Accra show the scale of the problem.


One picture shows a man stepping over a mound of clothes that extends from the sand into the sea.



Other pictures from the scene show the items under the water, with the pollution problem now affecting both land and sea.


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