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Healthy Benefits Of Corn

  1. Treats anemia:

    Prevalence of anemia is increasing tremendously especially among females and children due deficiency of certain nutrients remarkably iron. Luckily, iron is present inappropriate amount in corns along with its co-nutrients which helps treating different types of anemia.
  2. Corn oil is protective heart:

    Oil extracted from raw corns is known to have anti-atherogenic effect due to its brilliant combination of fatty acids which lowers cholesterol levels thus lowers the risk for heart diseases. Omega-3 fatty acids in corn oil replace the binding site of bad cholesterol in the way reduce the incidence of arteries becoming clogged.
    Health experts recommend heart patients and those suffering from disturbed cholesterol profile to use corn oil in replace to others.
  3. Stops diverticular disease:

    Diverticular disease is characterized as the formation of pouches in colon wall with symptoms like abdominal cramps, farting and bloating. Many observational studies states that corn is very effective against this disorder but still further confirmation is needed in this field of area.
  4. Manage diabetes:

    Diabetes is a widespread disease with no clear mechanism however health experts relate it with nutrition. Corn is a starchy food with high calorie content with its unique ability to release energy slowly thus helps regulating sugar levels in normal range.

  1. Good for eye health:

    Although age factor and infections contribute to visual impairments like macular degeneration and cataracts but nutritional deficiencies can also contribute in such condition. Lutein and zeaxanthin are two important antioxidant found in corn which are very effective in treating both these conditions and their normal levels are associated with reduce risk of eye disorders.
  2. Safe for celiac patients:

    Sweet corn is naturally found free from gluten so it is safe for people suffering from celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.
  3. Regulate blood pressure:

    Potassium in corns act as vasodilator which relaxes blood vessels, reduce stress on heart walls and regulate blood flow to it so hypertensive patient should add corns in their regular meal in order to enjoy a healthy life style.
  4. Important ingredient in cosmetic products:

    Cosmetic industry use corn starch as an active ingredient in the preparation of many products which soothes your skin without causing harm to it.
  5. Prevent cancer & inflammatory conditions:

    A variety of antioxidants found in corns make you resist against many chronic conditions. Ferulic acid has special powers to scavenge free radicals which cause the formation of cancerous cells. Other antioxidants associated roles of corns include slow ageing and reduced inflammation.

Written by Bello Olusayo

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