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Health-wise: See Why ‘Abusive Use’ Of Household Cleaning Products Could Be Dangerous!!


There are many housewives who make their living environment a priority. This is quite commendable and legitimate. However, using household products too much can be harmful to your health and that of your family. In this article, we are interested in two products that can prove harmful to your home: Detergent and bleach.



The detergent

       1. Respiratory problems.

Cleaning products pollute the air inside the houses and can be five times more polluting than the street.

2. Skin problems

The contact of these products with the skin often leads to cases of skin eruptions. Nausea and burns caused by these products are not uncommon, too. One can also witness allergies or intoxications. Also, detergents for clothing are often harmful because of the substances that pass through the epidermis when we wear our clothes.


        3. Groundwater pollution

The detergent we use to make dishes contains a substance called dioxane which is the main pollutant of groundwater. Indeed, its toxicity is very high and does not degrade so easily as other components. In addition, there are endocrine disorders and ocular irritation.


Bleach is considered the most powerful cleanser available, but it is not harmless. The antibacterial power of bleach (chlorine or lavandin) is very powerful.

However, instead of thinking that it is our savior when killing the microorganisms that make us sick, we must remember that its long-term use also affects our immune system (because it can not differentiate good bacteria from bad ones ) .

In addition, bleach produces burns on the skin, irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes, respiratory reactions and decreased oxygen pressure in the blood .

It is especially harmful to children under 12 years of age, in whom it increases the possibility of sinusitis, pneumonia or bronchitis .

As if all this was not enough, chlorine or bleach unbalances the environment and contaminates the soil, water and air.


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